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Lala (FCID# 06/20/2022 - 18) C   

In shelter Cat

Glen MIlls, PA, 19342
Pet name:
Lala (FCID# 06/20/2022 - 18) C
Love these stripes and colors!!! Please meet Lala (FCID# 06/20/2022 - 18)! She is such a sweet and friendly gal. Check out her coat!! She is about 2-3 years old.
No amount of affection is too much for this beautiful tabby. She knows she is a pretty girl, and keeps herself nice and clean. She is looking for a loving forever home, where she can get her ears scratched, purr and offer lots of snuggles to her person or people.
Lala is playing with her foster family. When she was st our Glen Mills adoption center, she had taken an interest in Charlize and took her under her wing. Please check out their video! Charlize has been adopted, so Lala would love to mother another kitten. She would be so awesome for anyone that wants a kitten and an adult! Please ask to meet her!
Lala and her friends would love to be in a home environment. Please submit our no-obligation adoption application for a meet & greet or to adopt: . Not ready to adopt? Please consider fostering: . Thank you! (Foster: Christine C.)


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