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Dixie #super-8-kitten   

In shelter Cat

Houston, TX, 77005
Pet name:
Dixie #super-8-kitten

DOB 5/20/22

Howdy everyone! Im Dixie, a sweet, laid-back, very playful dark gray Classic tabby gal whos sometimes shy and uncertain in a new environment but fine once I get acclimated. I love to explore my surroundings, which often gets me into places where I get into trouble. Thats when foster meowmy learns that Im an escape artist whos very fast and slippery when she tries to catch me.

Im not aggressive, so I get along well with all the other cats and kittens in my foster home. Ive been around the two resident dogs, whom I only tolerate but mostly ignore.

I love to spend time with my seven siblings. We tumble and pounce, climb and wrestle with each other, and when were exhausted from all the fun, we collapse in a kitten puddle. We were rescued from an abusive, neglectful situation, so were grateful to have transitioned from hardscrabble beginnings to a loving, caring HOPE foster home.

My sister Willa and I think itd be the cats meow if we could be adopted together. That way we can keep each other company while youre at work or on vacation. For sure I need to be in a home with other cats.

HOPE ID 22-0709-C065

If you are interested in Dixie and would like to fill out an online Cat Adoption Application, please go to . Submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt, but it initiates contact with us and gets the process started. If you have questions prior to filling out the application or want to find out which adoption site this feline will be this week-end, email us at , and a volunteer will get back to you.


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