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In shelter Cat

Springfield, OR, 97475
Pet name:
ANGELICA is a trusting, caring, clean princess. She cries for Vero whenever she feels anxious and waits for him to escort/attend to her. She loves closed off/hidden places, her cat tree and cat bed for long beauty sleeps, but her humans bodies for naps. She walks on her humans and kneads around to find the perfect spot to settle on, which might sometimes be in between different body parts, half on and half off their bodies, adjacent to their bodies and so on. She is a very picky eater and mostly sticks to her kibbles. But she likes to check out whatever the humans are eating, sniff and walk away or sticks out her tiny tongue for a taste if she likes the item. She is not interested in canned wet food, cat treats or homemade proteins. Vero scratches the area around the food bowls that she does not want and leave them entirely for Vero. If she likes a food item, she fights for her right and eats most/all of it. But its important to keep an eye on them when theyre served a specific/new food, because Vero sometimes eats it all. Vero is the cuddliest when Angelica is also sleepy/ already asleep. They are shy and hide when there are guests at home. They came to the Cat Rescue as strays. They have bonded during their fostering experience. It will take them awhile to adjust to the new home and people. Angelica might hide at first. Veros gets anxious and paces. It will be helpful if they can be put in a room in the evening to help them calm down. She will start allowing pets, curling up next to her humans, rubbing against them and napping next to them. Vero, will probably take a little longer to get used to his new home. He does not like to be picked up. Angelica is fearless once she gets comfortable. Neither of the cats is comfortable with being picked up (yet). Vero is petrified of any motion that he interprets as an attempt of picking him up. Angelica just jumps off or walks away from the place she was put in after being picked up. Vero and Angelica are very sweet, low-maintenance cats. They are mostly content with their safe abode and stable presence of their humans. They are an ideal pair for a relatively quiet household where the humans are busy, because they keep each other company.

VERO is a caring, explorative, playful kitty. He is very attentive to the needs of Angelica and will present himself as soon as she demands his company. He loves outside views through every window possible and chirp up a storm to all the birds visible. He is quite skittish in general and does not accept pets unless he has set aside time to hang out, cuddle and be petted. When he wants affection, he presents himself in close proximity of his humans and allows plenty of head, neck, back pets with occasional purring as well. He hates closed doors and the sense of his access areas being restricted. He is not the tidiest and is still learning how to not overeat to the point of throwing up. He loves his canned wet food, all treats, and homemade boiled chicken/salmon. He sleeps less than Angelica, so he is okay with playing by himself with real toys (balls, fluffy/feather toys), a single pine pellet, any small household object (e.g. pen, stick, scrunchy, bottle cap) and shadows. They play with each other a lot, groom each other, and fight brief fights when annoyed by one another.

They have been altered, vaccinated, microchipped, are negative for FeLV and FIV, and include a free wellness visit with our vet partners. To meet VERO and ANGELICA in foster, submit an adoption application for consideration at or a paper copy at either Eugene PetSmart location. A volunteer will contact you within 3-5 days for a possible meet and greet. The adoption fee for the bonded pair is $215, which allows us to continue to provide care and find loving homes for abandoned and neglected cats in our Eugene/Springfield community. For more information, send an email to or call 541-225-4955 option 1. ID#




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