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In shelter Cat

Warwick , RI, 02886
Pet name:
Orange & White
Coat length:
Come meet us in: STANDISH, ME!
Adoptable in: ANYWHERE! (Transport available to most places!)
Good with dogs: Never been around them but we think they would likely adjust to them just fine!
Good with cats: Yes! But as always a proper slow introduction will be required as with any other kitties being introduced to a home. Please refer to
Good with kids: Yes!
Litter box trained: Yes!
House trained: Yes!

Harry & Tanya are both your typical sweet and snuggly kittens who loves to play. They both love napping in sunny spots, laying in the window watching the birds and playing with toys! They are extremely affectionate kittens as they have had nothing short of 24/7 attention from their foster mom who’s only “job” is to foster kittens! The monetary pay is terrible but she says the heart pay is worth it! 

Harry is the orange and white boy (distinct white fur collar) and Tanya is the orange and white girl (solid orange mane to tail). 

Meet the whole MAMA MIA crew! 

Mama Mia was delivered to Whiskers Fund by none other than our mail lady herself! Who knew you could get kitties delivered!? Little did she or we know how big of a package she was actually delivering that day! Our mail lady found her out of on her very rural mail route starving, covered in fleas and ticks and in desperate search of some help. Thankfully our mail lady knew just where to head. She delivers lots of rescue supplies to us and sees our fosters all the time when she comes to the door. 

We took Mia to the vet right away and as suspected… she was going to give us quite the delivery. We got her flea and tick free, dewormed and started giving her the best mama kitten food on the market so she could prepare to feed her soon to be full crew. She settled into our amazing foster mom’s home and decided she would give birth not in the comfort of her quite and cozy private bedroom but the kitchen pantry instead! April 28th, 2022 eight babies were born. They were TINY, eight is a huge litter for any kitten, and Mia was still at kitten herself- the vet guessed her to be 6-8 months old. One of the babies passed away very young and the vet said it was likely due to congenital issues that were unrepairable. Bill, Tanya, Harry, Skye, Sophie, Sam & Donna have all grown up into happy, healthy kitties and everyone is now ready to find their forever homes. We have matched them carefully all according to who is most bonded to each other. 

If you think you are the right home for them please apply to adopt here:

All of our animals are fully vetted before going to their furever homes. They are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, up to date on flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and microchipped!

The adoption fee is $550 for the PAIR, not each!

We do not accept deposits or the adoption fee until you have your new fur-members.

Please Note: All animals are posted until they are officially adopted. This animal may have other interested adopters in line.

We are very quick to respond and process applications! You will be required to provide 2 non family personal references, a home video tour and a vet reference if you’ve previously had animals. Please feel free to send video to our email or facebook upon submitting an application, this lets us know you are serious and ready but also helps us to get you approved quickly. We will text and or call upon receiving your application to schedule a phone interview. 

You must be an approved adopter in order to go on meet and greets. This saves everyone’s time- especially our gracious foster families! This also allows for you to take the animals home from the meet and greet if you so choose.

Interested in fostering? We would love to have you join our family! Fill out the same application above- we have our fosters go through the same process as adopters!

Questions? Please email or message us on facebook!

For more photos, or information on upcoming adoption events where you can meet them, please go to our Facebook page 

Thank you for helping to save lives!


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