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In shelter Dog

Acton, ON, L7J 1C1
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Terrier Cross - Female - 16 lbs - 5 yrs (approx.)

Lucy came to us as a stray who had spent far too long in a shelter. She was very scared and was only comfortable when hiding under a bed or a chair. She did not want to be picked up and did not want to be held for more than a few seconds.

She got little pleasure from being caressed and did not want to climb up on the couch for a cuddle or tummy rub. She just wanted to be left alone.

After a few weeks in her foster home and away from the stress of a shelter, old Lucy packed her bag and moved out, and new Lucy moved in. New Lucy is curious, affectionate, playful, and full of life. The perfect little girl. No more hiding under the bed. Now, she is the first dog to jump onto the family bed at night to take up her prized position. A tail that was once almost invisible it being tucked so deep between her hind legs now wags non-stop. The dull look of fear in her eyes has been replaced with the sparkle of a joy for life. The once out-of-bounds tummy is now always looking for a scratch, especially if you get down on the floor and play with her at the same time. Dont bother looking under a bed if you cant find her - she will not be there anymore.

She has been living with two other dogs and enjoys the company and has learned a lot from them, but likely would be happy being the only dog, and getting all the attention.

She has been good with children, but we think she might be happier in a house where any children are older.

She is good on the leash, but like many strays, can be a bit nervous and may want to go in the opposite direction if she sees strangers or if she sees another dog she does not know (or one she knows that is just a bit too boisterous for her liking). All she needs is practice and encouragement.

She can be protective of her yard and will bark at dogs and people that approach, but once they come inside the fence, she has been fine with them.

Being a terrier, she loves to be outside and explore the yard (and bury the occasional bone). She needs a secure fenced outdoor space when she can be off-leash. It need not be a large yard.

Lucy is spayed, up to date on shots, and has a microchip.

No medical issues that we are aware of. There has been no destructive behaviour. She is fully house-trained.

Its hard to find the words to fairly describe Lucy, so just watch her video at:

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