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Arlington, VA, 22204
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Meet Harley. This adorable little scruffy was adopted by her foster family two years ago as a puppy. Her owners are prior adopters and fosters with Worthy Dog and gave her a loving home. Sadly, they are navigating some tough life issues right now. The husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and their home is no longer the right environment for her. They have increased activity with nurses and caregivers coming in and out, and Harley was acting out, nipping at visitors legs and trying to escape when the opportunity presented itself. As tough as it was to let her go, they made the best decision for her welfare.

Harley is currently being fostered in Alexandria, VA by seasoned foster parents, Kristin and Donnie living with two other dogs. We wanted to see how a change in environment impacted Harleys behavior, and shes done great. She adapted quickly to her foster home, which is a good sign. Weve learned that she loves to go on walks and watch other animals on TV and will keep you entertained with her cute playfulness.

Her foster mom, Kristin, checked in with this update (9/27/22):

"She was timid for the first day, but once Harley gets to know you, this girl is pure and absolute joy. She is fun, playful, huggable, happy, bouncy and all around adorable. She is 100% happy to see you and will be your constant companion. She loves other dogs, and is currently being fostered with two senior dogs who arent much for playing but she tries.

Harley feels very young and has puppy-like playfulness. She has lots of energy but its not overwhelming. She loves to dig through the toy box and find her perfect toy to play or chew by herself. Shes also a champion snuggler. She is happy to curl up on your lap, but quick to jump up and follow you wherever you go. She can jump really high too (maybe part Tigger or kangaroo?). Her favorite spot is sitting on the top of the couch with her head on your shoulder or buried in your hair. Its off the charts adorable!

Harley is completely housebroken and stands by the door when she wants to go out. She takes treats gently and shares toys well with the other dogs, and really needs another dog buddy in her new home. A young playful pup would be ideal! Like most terriers, she has a bit of a bark on her. Shes a great watchdog, alerting you to any person or event happening. For that reason, she would be better in a home vs. a condo.

She is still timid when meeting new people, and needs time to trust, but we have seen improvement. She lets my dad and one of our friends pet her. Shes also become a great walking buddy. She can walk miles with no problem and absolutely loves it. If you need an excuse to get out of the house and walk, this is the pup for you.

In the short time weve had her, weve fallen in love with her funny face, happy bounce, and overall personality. You cannot spend time with her and not smile. Its just not possible. Harley does have some stranger danger to work through, but shes still a happy, fun dog that will make some lucky family an amazing companion."

Harley would be ideal for a family without small children due to her fear issues. Shed make a perfect companion for someone living alone or a couple without small children. Wed prefer she go to a home with another dog as she is more comfortable with a friend. Harley loves her walks, but if you plan to use a yard for playtime, she needs a secure fence without gaps and 5ft+ tall. She does have early flight risk tendencies.

Preference will be given to:

Owners with some small dog experience

SFH with secure yard - not a fit for condo/city environment

Another established dog in the home

Experience with fearful dogs is a bonus

Apply today!

GENDER: Female
APPROXIMATE AGE: ~ 2 to 2.5 years old
COAT TYPE: Medium - wiry coat
OTHER INFO: utd on shots/spayed/microchipped/
LOCATION: Alexandria, VA

FOR MORE INFO OR TO ADOPT: Please go to and complete the application.

You can also help save dogs like this one by becoming a foster, providing a rescue dog with a temporary home and giving them the love and care they need until they are permanently adopted. Every person who fosters is directly responsible for saving the life of a dog, because we can only save as many dogs as we have foster families available to welcome them into their homes. If you think you might be interested in becoming a foster and want to learn more, please go to and fill out an application.

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