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In shelter Dog

Dallas, TX, 75248
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Meet Willow, a Terrier mix who arrived at a local Animal Shelter as a stray on 4/8. Willow weighs 50 lbs and, is about 9 months old. Upon arrival, this youngster was so frightened that she would shake constantly and was shut down. However, as staff and volunteers have worked with her, she has made progress and will now walk on a leash rather than having to be carried. Because the noise and commotion of the other dogs in the bay seemed to add to her stress level, Willow is now enjoying the quiet solitude of a staff members home and this has seemed to help her sense of well-being Willow wants to be friends and will go up to you seeking love and attention. She needs to build confidence and trust but is so much better.. . She is so sweet . Shes a sweet and kind and gentle soul. She is house trained..

 She sleeps in a crate at her fosters home. She LOVES her crate. It is her safe space. She loves dinner time, This girl is a timid girl. However if you try hard enough with some really good meat (filet:) she will take it from your hand.this took time. Willow NEEDS routine.doing the same things in the same way. She is very observant. She needs another dig/dogs to observe. .. Our routine is potty first. . We come back in and she hangs out while I take out the other foster dog then feed the foster cats. Shes non reactive to the cats (even the ones in the backyard). She loves the other foster dogs too.. She started to come out of her shell more when the second foster dog arrived. I believe Willow knows how to be a dog.I think she needed the reminder and confidence boost. This is helping in her progress. Shes a young guess is under 2 years. Oh.the routine. 

What does Willow need? Well, she needs a patient home. Shes got a great dog life to live!! I think she likes the quiet here. Shes needs a dog companion, young so they can play together. She needs a yard, but needs to be allowed to live inside. She loves the outside. No kids here, but I dont see an issue.just need to be kind to her. 

This girl has come so far.she deserves only the best. She is stunning!