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Z Cassie   

In shelter Dog

Miami, FL, 33158
Pet name:
Z Cassie
Cassie, female, spayed, 9 yr old mix breed bully. Cassies ideal home is adult only, quiet home with a yard OR an apartment with ground access (direct access to outside).

Cassie was evaluated by a professional dog trainer with feedback below:
Positive indicators:

Very social/affectionate with humans she knows and trusts
Neutral (non reactive) to strangers passing in close range while on leash
Showed clear avoidance behavior when she doesnt want to be interacted with (averted eyes, turned body, ground sniffing)
House broken & healthy
Loves the water/swimming
Has shown good bite inhibition during low level bite incidents (air snap, low pressure contact)

Negative indicators:

Not safe to live with small children (growl/snap with contact, no punctures to date)
Will require go-slow treatment for vet care (growl/snap with contact, no punctures to date)
Reactive to dogs on leash < 50 feet
Dog aggressive


Acquired from shelter as a young dog.
Has lived her life in an adult only home where she warms up to strangers with the right introduction
Previous injury as a puppy to ACL/PCL, completely healed.
Dog can be sensitive to rear legs being touched due to previous injury
Needs to be muzzled at vet for nail trims (very fearful)
More fearful towards men than women
Will bark/alert when strangers enter the home or come in close proximity to yard
No longer enjoys companionship of other dogs due to her age, although frequented dog parks as a young dog.
Has shown aggression (growl/snap) on multiple occasions when baby has come too close, reached for her, or touched her unexpectedly
Management has become extremely difficult for family, causing Cassie to be completely isolated at this point to prevent any further bite incidents to child in home
Worst case scenario a kennel can be built in yard to keep Cassie secure, but that is no real quality of life for this dog


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