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Sanford, FL, 32771
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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. Deliah went out for Dog 4 A Day and here is what they had to say about their day with Deliah:

Delilah is such a good girl with so much love to give. From the very beginning of the day, she was super receptive to pets, love, and praise. She was nervous but not shy around me at all, if anything she seemed nervous about the situation. Which made sense, as she had no idea what was going on! Throughout the day she showed me glimpses of her personality! There were signs of nervousness, lots of panting and pacing when we first arrived at my apartment, but after twenty minutes of me calmly sitting and allowing her to explore, she relaxed next to me. She took two naps in my apartment between activities. I saw her playful side, when I showed her the squeaky toys (definitely her favorite) and when we played fetch/keep away. While outside in the doggy play area, she was attentive and wanted to stay near me, instead of investigating on her own. I wouldnt say she behaved this way out of nervousness though. She was pretty relaxed, but just preferred to stay by my side while we walked around. Throughout the day I was surprised by how well she listened to me, even when more interesting things were going on!
That brings me to how she was on the leash! She did pull, especially when we were walking by the ducks, or if she caught a good smell. She was kind of strong (just what you would expect from a medium sized dog), but as an experienced dog walker, it wasnt that bad. She was easily redirected when I called her name and brought her attention back to me. I imagine someone inexperienced with dogs might find it an issue, especially when some ducks surprised us by bursting out of the bushes! She would pull, but never barked or lunged. Again, it was really simple to redirect her attention by calling her name and praising her when she walked next to me.
Her receptiveness to commands wasnt only on the walk. She also listened to me really well when she was super interested in my guinea pigs. She sniffed around their cage a lot, and her curiosity was obvious. She did gently go up on her back paws to get a better look, but immediately responded when I told her to get down. One other time, when she was getting a little too interested, I defused her excitement with a simple but stern no. Eventually she laid down near the cage, and would only look up at them if she heard movement.
Delilah was not food motivated at all. She did accept a few treats from me, but originally would not eat them out of my hand. Eventually after a few hours together this changed, but food was not a big interest to her. I brought her to get a pup cup, and she was not a fan. At first she wouldnt even try it, but after relaxing with her in the car, she gave it a few licks. That was all though! Perhaps this behavior might be because she still wasnt completely comfortable with me, or maybe shes just a picky lady!
One thing she did love though, is some good ol scriches and scratches. I would sit on the floor and she pressed her whole body into me to get some love. She liked her back, neck, ears, and face pet! I gave her a belly rub too. Delilah gives LOTS of slobbery kisses, so if that grosses someone out, they might not want to get down on her level. I know it sounds gross, but I basically got a slobbery facial while giving her lots of love. She also liked to put her front paws on my legs, and once put her front paws on both my shoulders while I pet her.
She did mildly struggle with car rides. She never barked, refused to get in, whine, or showed any destructive/disruptive behaviors. I just noticed she would start panting very hard, and occasionally tremble. I was by myself, but perhaps her distress could have been eased if someone was sitting back there with her.
Since this was my first day with her, I can only guess, but I believe she would do best with a loving, calm person. Someone she can take cues from that everything is okay, and get lots of praise. Overall Delilah was an absolute delight to get to know!

Poor Delilah was dumped at a local kill shelter by a woman who claimed to have found her as a stray. After some investigating it was found that the woman who dumped her there was actually Delilahs previous owner..
She is a sweet and gentle dog. She has a great disposition. We have not had her with other dogs or cats yet at this time. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations, spayed, and heartworm negative. She seems like she would be a great companion for a senior person thats looking for a forever buddy.


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