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In shelter Dog

Savannah, GA, 31406
Pet name:
White / Cream
Whats up my name is Reeve! Apparently its after a famous actor named Christopher Reeve who stared in multiple superman films in the late 1970s-early 1980s until he was in an accident causing a spine injury and him to be paralyzed from the shoulders down. Like Christopher, I didnt let my spine issues stop me. I was surrendered to Renegade with one of my sisters (Christopher tofu KNA Lucy) in April. At the time I guess I was not developing and getting the love I need and deserved. As a result I was unable to use my back legs at all and would drag just them behind me. Not to mention my growth was stuntedI was half the size of my sister. The rescue thought I would need spine surgery in order to lead a normal dog life. They even had a huge fundraiser for me at Finches Sandwiches & Sundries to raise the money for my procedure. But we had to wait until I was a little older in order to undergo my spine procedure. I was supposed to be on kennel rest for two months but it was boring I wanted to play with my foster siblings. Its amazing what 4 months and a little bit of love can do. Now my fosters cant keep their eyes of me. I can run, jump, play and bug the crap out of my older foster brother. My foster parents even say I ooka like Im flying sometimes. You can barely tell I had a spine problem. I am also an escape artist and love getting into mischief, be the center of attention and destroying things I know I shouldntReeve 9 shoes 0. I love all dogs, kids and cats (maybe a little too much). I am a hyper puppy, I get the zoomies often but dont worry I also like to snuggle in bed with you and take up as much space as possible. I am still working on my potty training and I am very vocal and if I want something trust me youll know. All I want to do is be with and go with my fosters everywhere. I am really living up to my superman namesake everyday. Now, I am about 10 months old and 35lbs, unfortunately I dont think I am going to get any bigger. But dont worry, I went back to the vet for my follow up inspection on my spine and guess what I dont need the procedure anymore! Im still waiting for my eye entropion surgery which is why I always look like I am crying, its kinda embarrassing. Anyways my fosters say I am going to need a lot of patience, time and love but if you think your up for the job, please apply to be my forever family and my superhero!


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