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In shelter Cat

Franklin, TN, 37069
Pet name:
Rose Torti is a gorgeous tortoise colored adult gal with a sweet, sassy spirit just like her breed. Tortis are just confident and sassy and thats what you expect. They would run the "cat" world if they could. She has been a dedicated mama to her babies that she birthed before the shelter could euthanize her pregnant. Our rescue lady scrambled and took her home just a day before birthing so many beauties. Now she is ready to give away her maternity clothes and party hardy! She is a very expressive cat girl who talks a lot, so be ready for a Q & A session about your day. Now that her babies are older, she is finally feeling free enough to play with toys and run around like a spring chicken kicking up her single heels. She is looking for a family to lavish attention on her-she really loves to be petted and talked to (and yes, she does answer!). Rose Torti gets very frisky with little crinkly toys and will chase them across the room with great enthusiasm and entertainment for her observers. Believe it or not, sometimes she even brings them back to you! :D

Roses feisty tortitude can occasionally mean she gets too frisky and will playfully bite. Somewhere along the way, she decided that a surprise chomp was the best way to signal that she wants more attention---it is not an aggressive move at all. Luckily, she is easily redirected with fun toys or Temptation treats; her foster family also thinks that when she is adopted in a home with fewer kitties, this will be less of an issue.

Rose has a deep purr and a very sweet spirit. She is a plucky girl who deserves a devoted family to play with and cuddle her. Is your home the place for Rose to bloom?

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