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In shelter Cat

Redondo Beach, CA, 90278
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Please meet Yubaba (Babbie). Babbie is approximately a year old and a delight to spend time with. Shes not quite an adult and not quite a kitten which means that she is playful, curious and silly but calm for more hours of the day then not.

Babbies favorite pastime activities include batting aound furballs with ringing bells inside them, "massages", exploration and naps. 

Relative to play, Babbi is fine playing by herself, with other cats or interactively with you (e.g. feather ticklers). She neither has an alpha demeanor or is passive and therefore, generally plays well with others with some occasional friendly wrestling/tackling antics that do not escalate.

Babbi loves kisses, forehead butts and body rub downs.  She can be a little greedy here. Her affection will lend to pats on your hand or forearm to request additional "massage" time if she feels she needs more. She will also interrupt another cats cuddle time if she wants to be petted (i.e. she does get jealous with cuddling time).

Babbi was born a stray and impregnanted at a VERY young age. Babbi was originally a candidate for TNR, but her foster, me, failed with the release component of that exercise. Babbi is domesticated but many items and situations common in a household is unfamiliar to her. An ideal home would allow her to explore her enviroment safely and introduce things to her slowly (e.g. television moves too fast for her and is loud, so we work on that with the TV on but muted).


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