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Maggie Mae   

In shelter Dog

Oklahoma City, OK, 73189
Pet name:
Maggie Mae
Treeing Walker Coonhound
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Coat length:
Maggie Mae here! 

I also answer to Mae Mae, Mags, and Maggie Moo! I am a 13-week old PICTURE PERFECT Treeing Walker Coonhound/Basset mix. I came to Forever Yours Dog Rescue after being found living near an abandoned home. By the time the rescuers found me, I had been on my own for a bit in the heat and without food. The rescuers brought me to my foster mom and I am so thankful and I love her so much that I hate to be away from her! I get a little nervous that I might be abandoned again   my foster mom says I’m the best girl and loyal to my human through and through. 

A few more things about me:

I am housetrained to a doggie door-I haven’t had a single accident in my foster home being able to go in and out the doggie door. Without a doggie door I will need you to teach me how to request to go out. I think I would like a bell to ring!

Meal times are my favorite but because of my abandonment I’m working on slowing down and not trying to steal other dog’s food.

I do not like the crate. It makes me feel insecure and abandoned. My foster mom has worked hard to get me able to use a crate for a few hours at a time but I am such a good girl that I am looking for a home that will let me have the run of the house once I show them how trustworthy I am.

I love other dogs and would like another dog to play buddy up with in my forever home.

I dance around when it is time to go to bed and sleep curled up with my foster mom and foster siblings all night. Snuggling is my 2nd favorite next to mealtime! I absolutely love cuddling all night with my human.

Do you have a toy box and a big fluffy dog bed?! I sure hope my forever home does because I love to play with toys and then take naps on a big comfy bed.

Here is more about my breed:

My temperament is Clever, Affectionate, Intelligent, Confident, Loving, & easily trainable.

Weight: 50–70 lbs. (I was the runt and will likely be on the lower end of the scale)

I make a loving and loyal companion, and, when I get enough daily physical activity, I am pretty chill in the house.

I am very intelligent and eager to learn! I love to please my people, but I also have a stubborn, independent streak.

I enjoy the company of people and other dogs. 

I have a high energy level and a high prey drive, which can cause it to be quite vocal at times with the signature hound bark. 

 I need a good amount of exercise (both physical and mental) and room to roam. A fenced in yard with room to sniff and play is a must!

I am spayed, current on age-appropriate vaccines, and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $200.

If you are interested in adopting Maggie Mae, please go to to apply.


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