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In shelter Dog

Tupper Lake, NY, 12986
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White German Shepherd
White / Cream
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This description was written by Nieves foster mom.

Nieve (“snow” in Spanish) is a 1 and 1/2 year old sweet and affectionate mixed-breed dog who was rescued from the jungle in Tulum, Mexico in late 2020 when she was a young puppy.  Nieve was initially fostered by a wonderful Mexican family (they have four children ranging in age from baby to 16) that showered her with love and kindness -- which undoubtedly accounts for Nieves beautiful disposition.  In May of 2022, Nieve flew to New York via Montreal and is now being fostered by me in the Adirondacks near Saranac Lake.  Nieve is now ready to join her forever home. 

Nieve loves all people but she is completely devoted to her person.  Right now that is me, but she has adapted to several different primary caregivers without any issues.  She is extremely energetic and playful.  She can sprint like a greyhound and retrieve a tennis ball on land or in the water like a lab. She will go in the water to retrieve a ball or to swim out to me, but she prefers land.  She is not a super strong swimmer so she needs to be supervised in the water. 

Nieve LOVES walks and hikes and playing hide n seek with me and my other dogs in the woods.  She rarely barks (except now and then when a bark is totally appropriate).  She has not shown any aggressive tendencies even with my two small and frequently grumpy older dogs.  She does not freak out over thunder or fireworks and is completely house-trained (not a single accident since the day I picked her up in Montreal – wow!).  She walks nicely on a leash most of the time, but she will pull hard in the beginning when she is excited or if she sees a squirrel.  She wears a harness for leash walks.  She is also great off leash in safe and appropriate locations. She loves to eat and isnt terribly fussy at mealtime.  She really enjoys treats.  She gives kisses but is not an excessive licker like some dogs can be.

Nieve is super smart and already knew how to sit, shake, and lie down when she arrived from Mexico.  After teaching her to speak English (ha!), we just added a new trick -- the roll over.  And she learned it in just two sessions.  I told you she is smart!  High five (coming soon!).

Nieve is really funny and a goofy girl.  The other night she was playing with a stuffed toy and while she was rolling around with it in her mouth she suddenly fell dead asleep on her back with her legs in the air and a toy in her mouth.  Despite her long, long legs (seriously -- she is the Gisele of the dog world), she can squeeze down pretty small and has actually fallen asleep in a document box (her choice -- see photos!).  And her ears are a riot, right? She makes me laugh -- a lot!  

Nieve gets along great with other dogs and cats as long as they are dog-friendly too.  She can be a bit shy and cautious at first, but she comes around quickly.  She respects the limits they set and is pretty submissive, even to my dogs who are a quarter of her size. That said, she would LOVE to have another dog to play with.  We dont have a dog park around here but Im pretty sure she would react to a dog park the way a six-year-old reacts to a trip to Disney: YIPEE KI YAY!  

When Nieve was found as a puppy in the jungle, she had been attacked by older dogs.  She needed a lot of vet care and still has a few scars if you look closely.  That is why she is cautious when meeting new dogs and new people.  However, in both situations,  as soon as she sees the newcomer isnt a threat, they quickly become her new BFF.

Nieve wants to please and she tries so hard to be a good girl but her energy and puppiness sometimes get the best of her.  For example, she is still in her puppy chewing phase (mostly when she is bored or anxious when left alone).  She will also jump a fence that is less than 5 feet high.  Actually, she doesnt jump -- she climbs over -- and she is a very good climber.  (She actually tried to climb a ladder into a childrens playhouse and got about half way up!)  She will climb the fence in the back yard and go to the front door and sit there.  However, she has wandered into the street on occasion so this behavior has to be taken seriously.  (She is not a car chaser but she also doesnt seem to have any fear of cars.)   We are working on both behaviors (the chewing and the fence climbing) and there has been improvement.  However, unless you have a backyard that is fully fenced with a fence that is 5 feet or higher, she must be crated or confined to an area with no valuable stuff in reach when she is left alone.  She has chewed a rug, the end of the couch and a bedspread.   She seems to prefer fabric, but she has also gone after a remote control and a shoe.  She no longer chews when I am at home with her and she sleeps all night on the bed with me without chewing anything.  When she goes to her new home, her new people will have to be vigilant until she is out of this chewing and climbing phase.  But even with vigilance, something is likely to end up being chewed, so someone who will freak out over that type of thing is definitely not a good match for Nieve. 

Nieve is excellent in her crate at home and in the car.  She never barks or cries and rarely even whines. I can loan her new person the crate.  Crating when you are not with her is the way to go, especially at first -- as long as it isnt for more than a few hours hours (which would be cruel) and as long as she is getting regular exercise every day.  

Nieve is used to going on furniture and she loves snoozing on the couch while I watch TV.  She really loves sleeping on the bed with me and my other dogs -- so she needs to go to a home where this type of thing is okay.  My favorite time with Nieve is when we wake up in the morning.  She yawns, gives me a good morning kiss, does a few  yoga stretches, then rolls over on her back and extends her long, long legs up in the air for a while.   

Nieve jumps up on people when she is excited, and we are working on this behavior.  She responds to an outstretched hand with a firm no, but sometimes she is so excited to meet someone knew that even that wont stop her.  So be prepared to be jumped on when you first meet her!  Nieve has been to work with me a few times and was very well behaved.  She pretty much slept all day at my feet.

Nieve is a medium size dog -- but caring for her is really like caring for a large dog because she is so athletic.  I am fairly certain that she would do best with a laid back but active person or couple who walk and hike regularly and are experienced dog owners -- preferably retired or working from home. NIEVE NEEDS A LOT OF ATTENTION AND REGULAR (MEANING TWICE DAILY) EXERCISE so a family situation where everyone is busy probably is not best for her unless the family has A LOT of experience with medium to large size dogs and is committed to giving her a lot of attention and time.  

Nieve is sterilized (spayed) and up to date as of June 2022 with all vaccinations (rabies and distemper). She is already on heartworm and flea preventatives.  If you are interested in adopting Nieve, an application is required along with vet references and a $350 adoption fee which will help cover her significant vet and transport bills (the adoption fee will be donated to a rescue group in Mexico). 

If you are thinking: "If Nieve is such a great dog, why arent you keeping her?"  here is the answer to that question.  If I keep Nieve, I cant foster another dog that needs a home.  And there is probably a dog like Nieve somewhere right now who really needs a foster home.   So that is why I foster.  That said, Nieve is a special dog that needs a special person or family.  She will stay with me until we get it just right.  And if you want to adopt her but are not selected, please do not be upset or give up.  I spent the past eight weeks getting to know Nieve so that I can make a really good match for her and for her adopter.  I want this to be a success and not every dog is right for every person!  There is a dog that is right for you.   If it isnt Nieve, dont give up -- you will find him or her soon!

If you live in upstate New York or in Vermont and you think that you are a good  match for Nieve, please send me an email and tell me something about yourself.  By that, I mean tell me what you think it is important for me to know about you.   Please include your name, phone number, location where you live, and vet references in the email.  (Scroll up and to the right for my email address.)  After I receive your email, I will be in touch.  Please be patient; it may take me a week or so to get back to you.  Im sorry but I cannot respond to telephone calls unless and until I receive an email from you. Thank you!


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