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Canela TX   

In shelter Dog

Boonton, NJ, 07005
Pet name:
Canela TX
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Extra Large
Canela is a sweet senior Lab/Shepherd mix who was surrendered by her family in Texas for being "too old." Our NorthStar founders met her during their visit to Texas shelters and were thankfully immediately able to find a local foster for her. Poor Canela had trouble walking and it was discovered that she had arthritis, as many older dogs do. No worriesonce she started taking her daily medication, she started feeling much better. Now this "old" gal is trotting around the yard and going up and down stairs. She was also treated for heartworm while in foster care in Texas before making the long trip up to NJ.

Canela is 9 years old and weigh 76 pounds. She is now healthy and happy and ready to be a Jersey girl with her forever family. She is a very low-maintenance girl who loves her people. She has spent some time in foster with other dogs but would do best as an only dog, or perhaps with another easy-going small female dog. Perfectly housetrained, a big sleeper, and a kind soul, this sweet girl just wants to be able to spend her retirement years in a nice, quiet home. While she loves the teenage kids in her foster home, she prefers less hustle and bustle, and her ideal home would be with adults or a family that doesnt have a lot of in and out, visitors and noise.

Canela is very food-motivated and could stand to lose a couple of pounds (heycouldnt we all?), but luckily she enjoys carrots and cucumbers as snacks. She easily gobbles up her daily arthritis pills and sleeps all night long in her crate. Sometimes her foster mom even has to wake her up in the morning! Canela enjoys exploring the backyard at her foster home and while inside is usually either napping on her favorite dog bed or sprawled out on the kitchen floor while her foster family is making dinner (you know, just in case theres a spill and something needs to be "cleaned up.") Canela also makes a good watch dog and will bark at doorbells, deliveries, and people walking in front of her house. That is, unless she is napping and happens to miss them!

If you think you could be the right fit for Canela, please fill out an application at & be sure to ask for CANELA TX!


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