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In shelter Dog

Baton Rouge, LA, 70817
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier
Adoption Fee:  $250
Fostered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Age: 8 years
Weight: 8 lbs.

9/27/22 - I was locked in a cell for a crime I did not commit.  The evidence against me — I’m a dog — without a voice — and have the ability to make money for greedy people.  Well, this has been my lucky month.  The warden was made to retire and they put her in jail now.  Now I am free to experience the things that others take for granted.  Fresh air, grass under my feet, sounds of something other than misery and death, and the gentle hands and sweet voice of humans, that don’t expect anything from me and truly care about me. 

I have a few mental scars and a few tall walls up since I have spent more time in jail than some of my friends, such as Kai, that is being fostered with me.  I haven’t been in my new foster home long, but I’m getting the hang of things.  When I first arrived, I slept a good bit, but am now starting to play with toys.  I seem to be ok with the dogs in my foster home, but definitely don’t want to play with them and foster mom has caught me staring at one of the other females in a not so nice manner.  She will continue to monitor my personality to see if I would do well with only male dogs or if I was just having a bad day.  I do find this new luxury of sleeping in bed with the human great and would like to continue that.  I like men and women alike, but am very on guard at first since I’ve never really been able to trust any humans.

I’m doing well with my potty training and am using pee pads as well as going outside, but expect mistakes because I’m not perfect.  I would love a fenced in yard at my new home to be able to walk around, enjoy the sun and explore freely.  At foster mom’s, her sofa is by the window and I love jumping on the back of it and looking out the window.  It’s so nice to see the outside world on my terms.  I also love to sit in foster mom’s lap and get petted and brushed, not much of a kisser though.

I do like attention, but am not totally clingy.  Foster mom said that you can tell I am unsure at times.  It’s just hard for me to trust, so I’m on edge at times and can get a little bitchy because of my insecurities.  I’m sure with time and love I will turn into putty.

I hope my past record doesn’t scare you off, since I clearly was an innocent victim and did not commit any crime.  I am a sweet, scared lady that hopes to find a mom and/or dad to love me unconditionally.  I’ve heard it only gets better from this point forward.  The sky’s the limit!!!

9/23/22 - BIO COMING SOON!