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Great Barrington, MA, 01230
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier
As mellow as can be, say hello to Yoila, a gentle and kind-hearted 10-year old, 12-pound Yorkie mix. Yoila is a total cutie-pie, and the second this little ragamuffin gets a haircut and manicure, watch out! She’ll be strutting her stuff and stunning enough to a runway model for Dogue! ;-)

Curious, happy, and friendly toward people, Yoila gets along beautifully with humans of all shapes and sizes. She is easy-going with other dogs too, and seems to be the sort of dog who could co-exist peacefully with living creatures of any type. 

Yoila is eager to take walks and has very good leash manners. She has a healthy appetite, but has little to no interest in treats. A tad on the pudgy side, Yoila could stand to lose a few pounds anyway! So the fewer treats/table scraps, the better!

Yoila prefers sleeping in a dog bed at night, as opposed to being crated. She is truly a people-oriented pooch and likes being near her humans as much as possible. In terms of Yoila’s bathroom habits, she knows to do her business outside, but she sometimes leaks a bit indoors too. The more relaxed she is getting, the better the situation is becoming. But for now, wearing a cute ‘lil doggie diaper is the way to go for this precious peach! Whoever adopts Yoila will need to have a little patience with her piddles, but other than that, this dog is an absolute gem and will make the easiest, sweetest companion for anyone seeking a new furry sidekick. 

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