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Germantown, TN, 38138
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Felix is a 3 year old male Akita / Chow / Pit Bull mix (per DNA test) mix who was rescued as a stray in Memphis.   Felix demonstrates the typical chow/akita temperament: aloof, a little suspicious of strangers but warms up quickly (see video) , protective, devoted to his humans. Very active outside.  Strong and muscular. Good with other dogs and living comfortably with 4 other dogs in his foster home. His one encounter with cats, they attacked him and he retreated. Loves children and recommended for children 8 years and older due to his strength and activity level. Housebroken but not Crate trained because he doesn’t need to be and because he doesn’t prefer the crate. Uses the doggy door. Obeys basic commands.  Loves to be with his people.  Rides great in the car.  When he first came to us, Felix had heart-worms, but he was treated without complications and cured and is now ready for adoption. Healthy and fully vetted, current on shots, neutered, weighs about 55 pounds. 

Here’s some notes from Felix’ foster mom:  The ideal home for Felix is one with an energetic doggy playmate who likes to play chase, wrestle and tug. His ideal home would have enough space/clearance inside to allow for his excited jumpy, romps when he gets excited and also have a big, FENCED yard to run and play. Because of his history being a stray and love of exploring and playing chase, sometimes he does not consistently come when called when he is off leash. He would benefit from some one-on-one training and affection time. Because he is the bottom on the pecking order here, he is comfortable getting on my bed and couch, but rarely when I am on them because the other pups tend to join me and so he immediately hops down when I join him unless I move slow and give him lots of pets.  Jumpy when his human(s) return home after being away from the home and when excited about meal-time. When we go to the dog park, he has an unusual way of initiating play with new dogs (growl-barking and chomping at the other dog’s neck and shoulder), which is sometimes misinterpreted as aggression by other dogs and onlookers, he also tends to try to play with other male dogs, and tends to be a little meaner/rougher with males, especially white ones. AWESOME young Chow / Akita mix will make a wonderful companion  (and jogging partner) for an active family who loves the breed.

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