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Sebastian XP - Union, NJ   

In shelter Dog

Rockaway, NJ, 07866
Pet name:
Sebastian XP - Union, NJ
Alaskan Malamute
NOTE: Sebastian lives with Dharma, another dog who also needs a home - he is listed under Dharma XP on EHRs website. Although they live together, the dogs can be rehomed separately.

Sebastian & Dharma currently live with a 9 month old cat and a Bichon mix and they are fine with both. Actually, the Bichon rules them.

Sebastian is a very sweet dog that had a rough start to life. He is from West Virginia, Ive personally had him for about 3 months. He did sadly experience abuse throughout his life so far, which you can see through his body language at times.

Sebastian is a very active dog that loves to swim, run, chew on his bones, dig very deep holes, and also enjoys car rides. He is a playful dog but he does have some barriers. He does bark at people depending on their approach. He is also shy to new people - if they approach him and he isnt comfortable he will step back or growl. He has never hurt anyone.

Sebastian is the kind of dog that gets very attached to his owners and the people around him daily but it takes time for him to get comfortable. He is an amazing dog that will show you the most love. An ideal person for him would be someone who is very active, has time to go on hikes with him, take him swimming, and a lot of space for him to let out that energy.

Sebastian is NOT with 11th Hour Rescue but we are networking him in the hopes that he will find a new home. If you can help Sebastian, please email his caretaker Charise directly at


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