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In shelter Cat

Cookeville, TN, 38506
Pet name:
American Bobtail
Tabby (Orange / Red)
July 2022 update: URGENT - FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!! Please contact if you are in the Cookeville/Algood, TN area and can help. Thank you.

Hello! My mom is an outdoor stray - she is not a wild/feral, but she is very cautious about people and everything because she is a smart mom! She got combo tested, spayed, and vaccinated and then went back to live where we all came from. My brothers & I were young enough that the Feline Felicity lady decided to take us in and try to get us more used to people so that we could be adopted and hopefully have an easier life than our mom has. Coalie is the blue gray tabby. Flaxen is the smallest and very pale orange - almost like blonde/buff/apricot tabby. And I, Bobby, am the darker orange and of course, bobtail, hence my name.

We were introduced to other adult cats from 1 yr olds to seniors as well as a couple of very cat-friendly dogs who are about 45-55 lbs. Prefer people who are very cat experienced since we were born as feral kittens. And do not like a lot of unpredictable chaos in the home, so young children and lots of coming and going company and stuff would not be good for me. Combo tested negative, dewormed, had three sets of fvrcp vaccines, rabies vaccine, two sets of leukemia vaccines, plus got neutered as kittens our first year. If not current on annual physical exams and vaccines, that will definitely be done before being adopted out. If you do not have any other cats, I would love to be adopted with a kitty friend so at least there are two of us and we will have a catpanion all the time. I love to play, and I like company. Any new human companions will take some getting used to -- a lot of time, patience, understanding, and kindness. I will definitely grow more loving toward new people over time. 

I am typically brave and adventurous and have an unusual human foot fetish. I also will like to drape myself across you when resting, often across your midsection or directly across your arm that may be trying to work on the computer. Sometimes I even like getting under the covers with you in bed. I am a very good boy about using the litter box - we use an extra large/grande UNcovered/NOT hooded box and prefer the pine pellet natural litter (Tractor Supplys equine pine pellets in the 40# bag are the most cost effective. Most farm co-ops will have some brand packaged for use in horse stalls) (NEVER use wood burning pellets for litter!!) and we eat TSCs 4Health All Life Stages or Iams Proactive Health Healthy Adult or Purina One Indoor Advantage & occasionally Purina Naturals dry food. We LOVE just about any canned food and need it daily as it is much healthier for us and helps prevent future possible urinary, bladder, & kidney issues. Pate is probably better for us than pieces in gravy (the gravy is not really healthy stuff), and poultry is better for us than fish or beef. 

Coalies stomatitis became obvious first, and he had to have a dental with multiple/many extractions at the end of 2019. He had to have a 2nd procedure including pulling one of his canine teeth about a year later. Flaxen has only had one dental in 2020 with multiple/many extractions. I had a dental with a few extractions at same time as Coalies 1st one, end of 2019, and then a 2nd with more extractions about a year later. I havent had any problems since then & am doing well. I am now 7 years old. and I say: Once I fall in love with you, I am an exceptionally needy/kneady cat! If you want that kind of "must love on me" kitty & can & will provide tons of tlc attention for me, we might be a purrfect match. Are you the one for me? (Ms Tana calls me annoying in the video, but she means it in the most affectionate, pawsitive way!)


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