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In shelter Dog

Peotone, IL, 60468
Pet name:
American Bulldog
White / Cream
Coat length:
Looking for a handsome companion for your family?  Well, look no further than Prince!  We also refer to him as Princeton because he is so smart!  

Prince is an incredibly sweet boy that is considered special needs, although you would never know it. Prince came into the shelter with severe glaucoma that caused pressure, pain and blindness. After being pulled from the shelter by It’s a Pittie Rescue, he was brought to a specialist who determined he was blind and his eyes were only a source of constant pain, therefore the best thing for him was to have both of his eyes surgically removed. 

Well they were right and Prince has recovered and been thriving ever since! Prince does not require any further treatment or medications but will still require a special home. 

Consistency in his surroundings and a schedule is important to help him navigate and get comfortable in his new home. Prince is a confident guy but still would do best with someone who is not gone from the home for long hours as he needs some extra reassurance due to his blindness. Stairs can be challenging and unsafe if not Prince proofed so a home with minimal or no stairs is best. 

Prince is 100% potty trained, dog, adult and child friendly, loves walks, lots of affection and likes to be touching his person when hanging in the house so he knows your there. Prince does very well mapping new surroundings and responds to his clicker to help him find his way in new situations!  Don’t discredit this wonderful boy who is so full of love and life, hers just missing his eyes.  

To adopt this wonderful guy, visit to fill out an online adoption application!


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