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In shelter Dog

Tanner, AL, 35671
Pet name:
American Bulldog
White / Cream
Coat length:
This handsome young fellow was brought to our shelter as a stray. He was hurt and desperately in need  of medical attention. He had wounds all down his leg and hip. They looked like road rash or burns,  so we assumed he had been hit by a car. After a good exam, we also discovered he was heart worm positive. Just so sad. This sweet guy had been so neglected but we medically treated everything and have promised this unlucky boy with a promise of a great home. When we posted a search to look for his owner we found something that  broke our hearts. Speedo had lived his entire life chained to a tree. He would get so excited when someone finally came out to feed him that he jumped and broke his chain. The owner was burning a brush pile and Speedo fell into the burn hole. Instead of taking him to the vet, they chained him back to the tree. Several days passed and once again, Speedo broke his chain but this time, he fled down the road and was picked up by a Good Samaritan. The Humane society Director  contacted the owner and told him about all the medical issues of  wounds and infections from the fire, the heartworms that needed to be treated and all the other expenses to get him well.  The man quickly signed him over to the Humane Society. Now that he is legally ours, his journey has begun. Speedo has been neutered, vaccinated and has learned to walk on a leash. He is currently undergoing treatment now for his heart worms. It is treatment that can be done at home and not endangering him at all.  We are amazed at how well his house habits are and how smart he is.  The way he looks you in the eye, like “what do you want me to do?” This tugs at your heart because he is starved for attention.  Speedo is a Bulldog mix and around 50 lb.  He is an active dog and needs an owner that is willing to give him the attention he desperately needs.


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