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In shelter Dog

Dillsburg, PA, 17019
Pet name:
American Bully
White / Cream
Hello, Im Mitchell.  I am a young dog who loves to be close to my people.  I was found as a stray in NC, with a chain still around my neck-YIKES!  It turns out I cannot hear human words, so I may have been thought untrainable. But, I really feel happy when a person makes an effort to communicate with me in a way I understand, so I think you will find me eager to please.  

I love to run and play.  I especially love to run and romp in water!  And I cant forget to tell you how much I love to sniff and explore in the woods.  I want you to know I really like getting love and being petted.  I will even give you kisses on the cheek to say thank you, unless you teach me not to do that.

Im proud to tell you I earned a gold star for car riding and visiting a new house skills.  See how I ride with my paw on the driver, just chillin?  I was told that is very endearing.

Youll want to know that I am working on learning the right place to go potty, probably because I was outside more than inside until I was rescued.  A regular potty schedule will help me learn what is right.  They think I was hit when I had accidents where I used to live, so maybe thats why I was living outside.  I have stains in my beautiful white fur that came from sitting in yucky stuff, so I did not receive the care all dogs deserve.  My volunteer friends think its great that my happy personality still shines through in spite of this neglect, and not being given the guidance every dog needs.

They dont have any kids here at Canine Rescue, so the volunteers here dont know how Ill do around them.  I dont like people getting near my favorite toys, so it is best if I lived with dog savvy kids over 10. The volunteers think Ill be fine with a mellow dog who lets me eat in a different space and understands I have to be taught the rules of play and polite behavior.

When I am adopted, my adoption counselor will show my new family the signs I understand.  This will help my transition into a new place.  You dont have to have had experience with a non-hearing dog to be my chosen family, but you will need to commit to a positive reinforcement training program. 

If you are interested in adding Mitchell to your family, please complete an application on our website:


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