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In shelter Dog

Seneca Falls, NY, 13148
Pet name:
American Bully
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
If interested in adopting, please visit our website and submit an application. We do not allow visits unless we have an approved application first.

AGE: 3 Years
SEX: Neutered Male
WEIGHT: 65 Pounds
BREED: American Bully
CAN I LIVE WITH DOGS: No- but I love to play with females without toys. Toys are my favorite and I don’t like to share! 
CAN I LIVE WITH KIDS: Yes 10 & up and sturdy
DIET: Purina Pro Plan
ABOUT ME!: Handsome Porky was found as a stray in the city of Syracuse. He was likely a discarded breeding stud. He has only known love and spoiling since arriving to us! He loves big cozy beds, big stuffed toys, and wearing warm clothes on a cold day! Porky is a gentle giant but also a bull in a china shop! You will need sturdy legs around this bulldozer! He is working on his jumping but still needs a little bit more training. He works with our trainer here weekly and has learned his basic commands. He is low to the ground and a big boy. Porky has a facial paralysis on one side of his face which causes him to drool more than most dogs- so you must love a little drool in your life, primarily on his beds after he wakes up. The vet said it was likely caused by trauma or a bad infection from his poorly cropped ears. Due to his facial paralysis he may not be able to do a lot of stairs on a regular basis. He has a poor depth perception because of it. He also gets occasional ear infections and eye infections that are easily treated with meds. He is great for them also!
Porky absolutely loves female dogs and will happily be bullied by them. He does not like un altered male dogs and no kitties!
 Although he loves to play with most females and some submissive males, he does not wish to share his home with one. He does not like to share his toys with other dogs.
Porky was heart worm positive when he was found on the streets, likely from life outdoors. It is a very mild case and can be easily treated with monthly prevention that cannot be missed! He has been on it for 6 months now and will soon be retested to see if it’s gone. He is not destructive with his toys or big beds! He loves going for walks with our volunteers too! This guy walks great on a harness! He loves wearing clothes and won’t go outside in the cold without them on! He is looking for a loving devoted adopter to spoil him rotten.
Porky is neutered, heart worm positive but being treated with the slow kill method (heartgard plus every month!), microchipped, current on vaccinations and parasite preventions! Porky requires a vet reference for adoption. As he requires lifelong heart worm meds and occasional eye and ear meds his adopter will need an existing vet.


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