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PRINCE (& Bruce) kittens BONDED (Male) (Super long tail Pair)   

In shelter Cat

Beaverton, OR, 97007
Pet name:
PRINCE (& Bruce) kittens BONDED (Male) (Super long tail Pair)
American Shorthair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Healthy, Fixed, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Health Tested, FIV-, FELV-, Parasite free, Litter-box trained, Friendly.
 (*Beaverton Or, driving distance adoptions only.)

PRINCE (& Bruce) kittens Bonded Brothers of the longest tails! Super long tails!

Prince -lap cat in the making
Bruce - loves to be snuggled at your side

Both offered loving comfort to an older gentleman, sleeping nestled with him.

Prince is intelligent, engaging, loving, and playful!
Bruce is stronger, faster, playful, and second behind Prince in grabbing snuggles.

What an alert wonderful kitten! Prince (solid gray) steals everyone’s heart and seems so bight and engaged at all times.  He and Bruce (gray tuxedo) play, snuggle, and are deeply attached to one another.

Great with kids, dogs, and cats. Bonded boys love everyone! Even a screaming toddler just made them happy to engage.

Prince is intelligent, engaging, loving and playful!
Bruce is stronger, faster, playful and second behind Prince in grabbing snuggles. Prince is fearless and always right there looking for attention. He is alert and ready to snuggle or play at any moment. He gives wonderful hugs. Prince is a lap cat in the making. Bruce is just very friendly, and snuggly, and happy to lay by your side.  

Prince has started coming when called! Admittedly it’s because he knows he will get rewarded with snuggles. Prince loves being near people.  Prince and Bruce love cat trees by window & wand bell ribbon toy and snuggles. Socialized playtime with a family of young kids even the toddler sudden scream doesn’t stop these lover cats from wanting more human snuggles and play.

They couldn’t be more purrfect kittens. :-) 
Litter-box perfect also.

F.O.S.T.E.R., INC. is a small foster-based rescue. All our pets come with costly services already provided, which may include, where appropriate, inoculations, veterinary care, testing, spay/neuter, microchips etc... Our low adoption fee does not begin to cover our costs, which we discount even more to keep loving kitten playmates/siblings together. (Two kittens, twice the love, less than half the trouble! Kitten are happier, better exercised, and lifelong have fewer behavioral problems when they grow up with an active young playmate, dog/cat/puppy/kitten.


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