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In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77083
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Hi everyone, my name is Chopper the protector and Im so ready to go home to be your second in command! I still have a few battle wounds, but that doesnt affect my will to be your best friend and protect my pack with my life! The incident was scary and Im still a bit afraid of loud noises that sound similar to gunshots but during my recovery, Ive overcome a lot of my anxiety with loud noises and mastered several skills.

I LOVE the sun and am totally house/kennel trained! My foster mom talks non stop to me when Im around her and told me she has a new foster almost every 2 months for the past 4 years and Im the only dog who hasnt made any potty mistakes in the house, isnt that awesome? I also have never destroyed anything at her house but I do try very hard to help her out with her yard work. That being said, I am having a little trouble distinguishing between weed she always destroys in her yard and actual plants. I mean...they are all green so can you really blame me? However, Im a fast learner so just tell me "NO" once or twice and I will stop pulling your actual plants. So far I know she wont let me pull out mint, cilantro, thyme, and lettuce but you might have to show me again when I get there. Since Im a fast learner, I also learned how to sit, touch, shake, down, go to bed, and most importantly, stay during my recovery and cant wait to show you how good I am! 

One thing with me is I actually dont like car rides and hate it when other cars pass by the car Im in. However, that just means I will gladly stay at home and wait for you to return instead of making you feel guilty for not taking me places. I like dogs and cats but just need to be introduced properly so I know they belong in the pack, especially cats. Im still working on my "heel" skills but I do make progress every day we go out and before you know it, I will heel perfectly. On major holidays when fireworks are going off, I will gladly chill in my kennel so it is calmer. 

I cant wait to "interview" with you and be "hired" to love and protect you furever!!

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Athenas Angels Rescue

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