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Thor (Neutered) (Photos 7/10/2022)   

In shelter Dog

Marietta, OH, 45750
Pet name:
Thor (Neutered) (Photos 7/10/2022)
American Staffordshire Terrier
White / Cream
Coat length:
Thor is a magnificent neutered male American Staffordshire Terrier who came to the HSOV on April 8, 2019 and currently has the dubious honor of being the longest canine resident in our shelter. Thor was picked up by the Washington County Ohio Dog Warden in Marietta Ohio when he was 5-years old and was later surrendered by his owner. Thor was briefly in adoptive homes in 2020/2021, but he has spent the majority of his life at HSOV in Marietta Ohio.

Thor has a white-and-tan coat, a long tail, and a gorgeous face with a large patch of tan around his right eye, a liver-colored nose, and short semi-erect ears.

Volunteers John Tynan, Fredley Tynan and Lynncoln Tynan faithfully walk Thor and are perhaps his most ardent fans. The Tynan Family offered to help Thor with publicity photos to celebrate his third anniversary this past Spring and chose a Las Vegas theme for Thor complete with a tuxedo tie, bandana, bright blue- and green top hats, sunglasses, playing cards, dice, and golden coins. Plans were set for a beautiful sunny outdoor photo session on the afternoon of April 7th until the weather forecast changed quite suddenly and heavy April showers rudely interrupted. We decided that ‘the show must go on’ and improvised with PLAN B to take photos in the indoor makeshift ‘studio’ (the shelter bathroom). Those photos are included in the HSOV DOGS Album on our main facebook page as well as additional photos on our HSOV Group Page.  The link to those photos is:   We promised Thor that we would either re-create those photos outdoors on a sunny day or would do something else special for extra publicity.

We had written on Thor’s “Silver Singles Dating Profile” that he absolutely LOVES water sports (wading pools in our play yards), so we would imagine that his dream home would be with a family who has a swimming pool and enjoys an active lifestyle. Thor also loves Kong toys which are filled with treats. He is often seen carrying them in his mouth or snuggle up with them on his Kuranda bed.”

“PLAN B” materialized on a hot steamy afternoon (July 10, 2022) when John, Lynncoln, and Fredley Tynan planned a surprise fun-filled event for Thor which centered around both of his loves (water sports and Kong toys).  

Thor was a happy boy when John showed up for their usual Sunday afternoon walk … and even happier when John took him to the play yard and he saw TWO swimming pools (a large one and also a kiddie pool) ? Fredley and Lynncoln were waiting with some cool ‘beach attire’, and Thor was a good sport about wearing his Hawaiian shirts and beach hat.  And Thor was delighted to discover his favorite Kong toy among the photo props.

So about a hundred photos later, Thor was still going strong and jumping up for his Kong toy and small beach ball as we wrapped his pool party and photo session up .. Thor is shown with his ‘swimming coaches’ (Team Tynan) in several of the last photos.

Thor loves attention from his human friends, but he is NOT good with cats or other dogs so he is looking for a home where he would be an ‘only child’. Thor would do best with an experienced handler who is accustomed to walking strong dogs. We know that the perfect home awaits Thor, and he is patiently waiting to meet that individual or family.

The link to Thors Surprise Pool Party (with additional photos) on our HSOV Facebook page is:


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