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In shelter Dog

Palmyra, VA, 22963
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier


BULLY MIX; Sleek black coat with mini white tipped feet and broad white blaze on chest.  44lbs
ADULT MALE; Est DOB:  April 2021
ARRIVAL: May 4, 2022
HISTORY:  Barney AKA Barnibus was dropped off in an empty CFC pen dog pen overnight.

It’s hard for us to imagine what was going through Barney’s mind when he was left in one of our pens after dark the night of May 4th. The first staff to arrive the next morning was surprised to see a “new” arrival in someone else’s day pen. He was so frightened he was shaking uncontrollably. Within a couple of minutes, however, Barney began to relax once he realized the staff was here to be his friend and would not hurt him.

Since that fateful May night, Barney has accepted his new life circumstances and has begun to show us his true colors little by little.

Barney is incredibly smart and always ready to learn if there are treats and affection to be received. Already grasping the concept of “sit” in a short amount of time, with the right person and some training there is nothing that this intelligent guy won’t be able to accomplish.

He loves to stretch his legs in our large play arena and well, did we mention he is a lap dog wannabe? Love is Barney’s first language and he is not shy about sharing a hug with you and showering you with kisses should that be your thing. Initially, he may appear shy or uncertain, but once he understands you are there to be friends, he warms up right away. You may even notice the adorable smile that the bully breeds share.

As most bully breeds do, Barnibus loves to test out his toy’s durability. He enjoys playing with his toys until he discovers that his toys are not as durable as he believed them to be.

Barney is wonderful when walking on a leash. After the initial excitement of going on a walk, he will set himself into a comfortable pace for both you and him.

September 2022 Update: Now that Barney has been with us a few months, we wanted to give you an update on this amazing little guy! You may remember that back in May, we woke up one morning to find that Barney had been left overnight in one of our empty outdoor pens. It was obvious to us that he was well taken care of and had probably lived indoors. We’ll never know Barney’s history but if we had to guess, he was part of a family who cared enough about him to leave him at CFC where they knew he would be safe. There are so many sad stories out there with people falling onto hard times that Barney could very well have been a part of one of those stories. Here’s what we’ve learned about Barney over the past 4 months:

*He is very loving and affectionate and cherishes his time with our staff and volunteers. *Barney is eager to please and a very quick learner. He’s learning to channel his excitement especially when first meeting humans. A little training will help polish off any rough edges. *He loves chasing tennis balls in our large arena and knows to bring them back. *Car rides are a hit with Barney! The perfect passenger, he sits quietly in the back seat taking everything in. *Barney was also perfect during this bath, again sitting quietly while we worked on him.

Just a little over a year old and small in size (approx. 40 pounds), Barney’s life is an open book. How rewarding it would be to fill in the pages of his book with love and happy adventures! Come out and meet Barney soon! He’ll be waiting for you.