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In shelter Dog

Vine Grove, KY, 40175
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
White / Cream
Coat length:
Keller is 3 year old pittie who was found roaming the streets in Owensboro and was picked up by animal control. While in their shelter he was a handful to say the least, as he is not only very young, but also deaf. Since coming to ARC, staff has been working on teaching Keller how to communicate using basic hand signs and leash cues.  Working with Keller and his unique needs have been a learning experience for the ARC staff, as we are by no means skilled in advance dog training.  Despite our shortfalls, Keller has shown us that he is a very intelligent dog.  He has learned to "sit" and is slowly learning signs for "off", "wait", and "leave it".  Keller does very well with other dogs at ARC and is currently best buds with Hank.  
Keller walks well on a harness but is easily distracted by the sights around him, through frequent walks in known and new places, he is showing improvement.
Keller is a very happy guy and is so eager to please. He is very treat motivated, and this has allowed him to take on a number of adventures, like hikes, car rides, and trips to the park!  Keller would thrive with having training from a professional or just someone who can do one on one with him on a regular and frequent basis. 
Above all, he is a really great dog with personality that goes for miles.  He is looking for someone with the patience, time and resources to help him blossom in his silent world.
Keller would do best with a dog of his own energy level, and who is relatively submissive.  Due to his size and excitement level, a home with older children and no cats would be best.


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