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Berkeley 6649   

In shelter Dog

Rogers, AR, 72758
Pet name:
Berkeley 6649
Anatolian Shepherd
It is every photographers dream to be asked to spend time with a canine who knows more about photography than the human ever will. Berkeley proved this premise, pose after pose, while demonstrating his intrinsic awareness accompanied with genuflectic smiles that are a perfect reflection of his true self. If he were a female, we would call it beauty, but since he is a guy, we are stuck with the not-quite-so-expressive handsome. Perhaps for the canines, we can use whatever descriptors we are most comfortable with. We wouldn’t be surprised to someday see Berkeley gracing the cover of Dogster and be the lead-in subject of a write-up in The Whole Dog Journal. Berkeley is gifted with amazing people skills and has an astounding focus on his human that is intensively augmented with eyes that are passionately sky blue. This friendly, quiet, gentle-natured canine has only been on this planet for 4 short months and is going to be growing by leaps and bounds and will eventually need his large feet to support his very large stature. If Berkeley was here in human form, his 4.0 GPA and desire to please work ethic would put him at the top of the class and he would be on his way to the University that bears his name.


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