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In shelter Dog

Franklin, TN, 37069
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
Gosh have you ever seen such an intense and handsome puppy that is only 12 weeks old? This boy is the full package of joy, playfulness, focus and love.
His name is Gentry and he is part of a litter of 7 puppies who came with their momma dog from a little hole in the wall KY shelter that never has adopters come to adopt a dog. The truth. These pups and momma had to be rescued or they would not have survived being at that shelter. This handsome boy is the son of a beautiful brown brindle Cattle Dog momma and a dad we do not know. This boy is a gorgeous coloring and he is formed to live on short legs! His momma is 30 pounds and we dont expect this boy to exceed that weight. He was born around the middle of June and at 12 weeks he is just 11 pounds. He is learning all about the manners of a dog living inside the home and with a fabulous foster mom . Do not expect perfection at this age and circumstances. But do expect a high intelligence (its the Heeler genes) and a great attention span for wanting to please and learn the rules. He is getting the housebreaking down pretty well and he is learning how to walk on a leash. There will be things you need to continue in the training field. But what you dont need to teach this puppy is how to love you and have fun as your wonderful and devoted companion. Email us at if you want us to send you an application for adoption. Please let us know where you life: city and state!

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