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LUCKY - Hawaiian Boy   

In shelter Dog

Sebec, ME, 04481
Pet name:
LUCKY - Hawaiian Boy
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

LUCKY was transferred to GaDaH from a shelter in Hawaii, he arrived at the rescue after a long flight and drive on Thursday, 18th August 2022.

LUCKY is neutered, rabies, core vaccines, heartworm/tick tested negative. He is on monthly prevention, microchipped, has an estimated date of birth of 31 March 2021 and weighs 36 pounds. We have no way of knowing what the actual breed is, so it is up to people to look at the pictures and videos to make up their own mind.

After being here at the rescue for 6 weeks, a wonderful volunteer family offered to foster Lucky to help him relax and settle more, something that he wasnt really able to do here at the rescue. It was too busy for him and with so many dogs he could not relax. Lucky went to his new foster family on Sunday, 2nd October 2022.

This is what the shelter reported about LUCKY....

I must have found a four-leaf clover because I sure got lucky! I got to live in a foster home for a little while learning life skills and gearing up for my permanent family. Now Im prepped and ready to go home with you! Im a sweet but shy boy whos working on my leash skills, my people skills and Ive made enormous headway on my social skills with other dogs. In fact, Ive earned the title of Play Group Rock Star because I help welcome new dogs to the group and love to run and play chase. I may have had a rough start but I have so much potential. I read the perfect quote the other day - If youre lucky a dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything. Maybe Im YOUR four-leaf clover?

LUCKY is available for adoption from Give a Dog a Home Rescue in Sebec, Maine for an adoption fee of $550.

This adoption fee covers the cost of running a brick and mortar rescue as well as any transport, veterinary, food,

treats, toys costs and the many expenses that rescues endure to keep the pets in their care safe, and happy.

Be sure to read all his information and if interested, go to the rescue website to submit an adoption application.

More information, pictures and videos will be posted when all dogs are here, settled in and I have had time to get them and post.

The rescue buys food in bulk, by the truck load and there are a variety of brands and flavors. None of the food given is less than a 4* food rating. There have not been issues with eating any of the varying foods. It is important that you do your research on the ingredients and speak to your vet or a nutritionist on grain vs grain free!

You MUST understand that dogs need time to decompress and adapt to their new environment and home. It is a HUGE transition they make from the kill shelter, being vetted, on transport for 3 days and arriving in Maine where the temperature and such is very different to what they have only known. In rescue there is what is known as the "3 Point Rule" Days 1-3 your dog is stressed, anxious, confused as to where they are now. Weeks 1-3 your dog is adjusting, settling in, learning things. At the 3-month point, your dog understands they are home, and have built up a trusting relationship where they feel loved and secure.

If you feel that you have the heart and home to give this precious soul a wonderful life, please go to our website, under the ADOPTION INFO tab, complete, then submit the APPLICATION. Our process takes around 1-2 days, and ensuring your references are aware that we will be calling, could speed up the process. Once you have been approved, we discuss any questions in regards to the dog you are wanting to adopt, then we can schedule your appointment to come to the rescue in Sebec, Maine for meet/greet/adopt

Please do NOT submit an application if you are not looking to take home a new best friend within the next few weeks.

ALL Dogs are LOCATED AT THE RESCUE IN SEBEC, MAINE. We post in various states along the east coast and Canada where we have had lots of successful adoptions to enable more exposure for these beautiful saved souls. Families will need to be prepared to travel to the rescue to meet and take home their new best friend. Sebec is located just outside the towns of Dover-Foxcroft and Milo (approx. 8 miles) and approx. 45 miles from Bangor. There are also lots of hotels, motels, pet friendly accommodations and wonderful camp-sites for the more adventurous families and what a great way to get to know your new best friend.

Click here to watch a video of LUCKY - Hawaiian Boy.


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