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In shelter Dog

Point Richmond, CA, 94801
Pet name:
Australian Shepherd
White / Cream

Shiro likes to play with toys, and is very smart. He is a moderately high drive dog like most herding breeds and likes activity on his terms. He likes his walks but his insecurities keep him from being a dog park dog. He bonds heavily with a particular person and sometimes a particular dog - he is IN LOVE with the dog SNOW KITTY at the Milo Sanctuary, and would follow him anywhere. Shiro is wary of strangers but is very loyal to his people and for this reason he can be protective. He needs a very predictable, low stim. home to be successful. Training and building Shiros confidence would be key to have Shiro flourish. 

 *Previous Notes* 5/20/17 "Shiro is a super mellow dog. He just loves to sleep all day when we are at work. He does not bark or chew anything up. He is potty and house trained and never has had an accident inside the house. He is so furry and soft and has stunningly beautiful blue eyes. Shiro loves to run around and play fetch and catch Frisbee when he is not cuddling next to you. He loves the outdoors but is not a super energetic dog. He will just sleep all day or go for a walk with you. He loves squeaky toys and will just collect them from around the house if you hide them. He is intelligent and treat motivated. He was able to learn how to sit and was learning how to stay in just a few training sessions. *Shiro has probably had a rough past. When the vet examined him, we found a pellet in his x-rays. It is probably from being shot. He bonds very well with women and is more skittish with males. He also tends to get scared of men and tries to guard his female guardian sometimes. He does not like strangers coming up to him and gets protective of his owners. He would do well with experienced owners. We are not sure how he does with kids - Milo suggests a home without children for a myriad of reasons due to his stranger danger. He is insecure and can react poorly when meeting new dogs, but usually settles in and is fine - but can take some work with him and a new dog to get past the initial snapping and jitters, running with his tail tucked. *He needs lots of love, affection, and discipline, which we were unable to provide with our busy lives." 

 *Shiro is not a first time dog, nor a city dog. He has fairly severe stranger danger and a bite record, he has fear based aggression to dogs and people. He needs a predictable environment, and a buddy dog. Interested please email an application to

Thank you for considering adoption of a Milo Foundation Sanctuary dog. Our Sanctuary is where our rescued dogs who have had difficulty in a home in the past, have behavioral issues, or too much energy, or for some, aggression issues with other dogs, or intense stranger danger that make them more difficult to safely and happily live in urban environments. These are not beginner dogs or for the most part nor are they for families with children. IF you are looking for an easy dog to add to your family, we suggest looking at the dogs at our Adoption Center, Milo Pt Richmond. BUT, if you can offer a safe and nurturing home to a dog with some behavioral "quirks" please do send an application today. Thank you.


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