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In shelter Dog

Bandera, TX, 78003
Pet name:
Welcome Garmon to CCPAL Rescue.  We think he is a Basenji and maybe a small Terrier breed dog.  He has a curly tail but not tightly curled like the pure Basenji.  He is energetic and a wiggle worm.  He wants to play more than to be held.  He is mouthy, outgoing, inquisitive and energetic.  He is good with other dogs, good with cats and good with all people.  He would be fine with children.  We like them to be 8 or older.   He is definitely going to be best with an active family.  A fenced yard would be great to give him a place to burn off his energy.   He puts his mouth on everything so he will need supervision in the house.  He is a typical little energetic puppy.  We think his full size is 25 to 30 pounds.  Smaller dog full grown. He has a softer coat and not a big shedding dog.  He is very social and not afraid of anything.  He doesn’t seem to have any baggage and is an all-around great pup.  Someone not gone all day and or another playful dog to play with will be ideal for this pup.  He is currently in Texas and he can be adopted locally.  We can work with one of the wonderful transporters to get him to Washington, Portland, Minnesota, Vermont or all along the East Coast.  His adoption fee is 300 and transport is 180.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts are not states we adopt to because of the regulations imposed by these states

Contact Marlene at 210-867-1769 or email to if you have questions. Online applications at See his cute video!!


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