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In shelter Dog

Sanford, FL, 32771
Pet name:
Basset Hound
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Hi! My name is Bucky. Check out my video at the bottom of this webpage so you can see me cuddling with the staff. Once I get comfortable with you, I am such a charming and loving lad. I hope you will give me a chance to be your forever companion! Bucky is a happy dog who loves to play and run in the yard. He is a boisterous dog who loves to rough-house with dominant female dogs and lets them beat him up. When people play with him, he is best directed by treats. He has a scar on his neck, which shows us that at some point in his life he may have been abused. He is food assertive, so must be handled carefully when giving and taking food away. He would do best in an adult-only home with a dominant owner to keep him in line and model alpha, pack order.
*****Special note about his video***** Bucky is a sweet playful dog but has anxiety about meeting new people. We believe that the best thing for Bucky is for a potential adopter to visit him at the shelter several times before trying to do an official meet and greet for adoption. We can set you up to observe him with others he already knows. Spending time with him on walks at the shelter and giving him treats will be the best way to his heart. This will take a little extra time and effort on your part, but it could be worth it for you. We have done this slow-meet technique with another one of our dogs who didnt make a good first impression, and it paid off for the family who adopted him! They are very grateful to have him in their family now. Please fill out an application to meet him!


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