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Red Red   

In shelter Dog

Southern Pines, NC, 28388
Pet name:
Red Red
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Coat length:
Little Red Red was adopted from a neighboring county shelter (who had trapped him) to a senior gentleman. The gentleman picked the dog up hours after neuter surgery. He took the dog home and soon let the dog outside with No Fence! This little dog made it from Vass to Whispering Pines where caring people in the neighbored sought help. We set a trap and within 7-8 hours we had the dog! 
Owner was made aware we had his dog. He came to pick up but realized that without a fence he would never be able to keep Red Red safe. He released the dog to us.
He is what we consider to be a semi-feral dog. He is as sweet as he can be. He fears everything new. He loves it here and has made several doggie friends! He is not fond of the leash! He is capable of figuring out how to look out windows! He loves to run and play! He even plays with toys now! He will calmly walk away if we approach him, he used run and hide! He will let us hold him but his body is not relaxed. 
He is looking for a patient family. A family that can take the time to enjoy him “in his world” safely and eventually leash train him and expose him to fun times! 
You may remember Happy Jack... he was with us for a long time and had lots of volunteers for many months helping socialize him. He was adopted a year ago and his family continues to share how perfect he is! Red is like him in so many ways so let’s do it again! 
Volunteers for Red needed! There is no ball throwing or running in the yard. It starts off sitting and just being with him. It’s not always fun but it’s necessary! He needs lots of different volunteers/people! (17 pounds Beagle/Dachshund Mix-ish) To volunteer to socialize Red contact Cindy at 910-315-8767.
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