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Palo Alto, CA, 94306
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Bedlington Terrier
All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, shots current (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies where applicable), dewormed, flea and tick treated.
* If you are interested in a dog, please first read the biography on the dog (keep scrolling down for the bio!) and then go to our website, for an application. Our adoption fee is $400-$1000. Each biography will specifically list the adoption fee.This dog will be at a meet and greet event on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th unless he/she is adopted prior to the event with a set up home. The event is from 12 pm to 3 pm on Saturday and 11 pm to 3 pm on Sunday at Palo Altos Pet Food Express. Those interested in meeting the dog can come out to our meet and greet event. We no longer do application approval onsite. Anyone adopting has been previously approved and set up to meet prior to the event.
Adoption fee: $650
Oakley is a 1 1/2 year old Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie) mix who we rescued from the shelter. He weighs 11lbs. He was pretty scared when he first arrived, but what a difference a GREAT foster home can make! Oakley has really come out of his shell and made a ton of progress. Heres the report from his foster family:
The day that Oakley arrived here, he was scared of every sound and movement. But now, he wants to be with humans every moment of the day. He LOVES to be close to his main human. He likes to cuddle, be pet, and be held. Oakley is still scared of meeting new people but warms up quickly. When unknown adults enter our house, he barks but wags his tail. He will stay close to his human and watch how the interaction goes before deciding when he wants to get to know the new human (which doesnt take more than 30 minutes!). Oakley is a love through and through.
We have a 35-pound active and intelligent dog. They play extremely well together. Oakley is easygoing in his play with other dogs. He isnt used to a lot of noise or commotion, so that can scare him a bit, but he adapts to everything with a little time and patience.
During the first 1 1/2 weeks, we had lazy, end-of-summer vibes of sleeping in late and laying around all day. Oakley was able to sleep until 11:00am without needing the bathroom on the days we slept in. This past week we have returned to work and school. He was able to get up early, eat and snooze all day in a pen. He currently uses a wee pad while we are gone. In the afternoons, he loves to chase balls, play with our dog, and snuggle.
Oakley is a playful lounger! He loves to play chase but knows how to push the ball to make it roll so he can play by himself when his humans are busy. He also LOVES to lay around and be lazy. He is a perfect furball to cuddle up and watch tv with.
Oakley wants to be with his humans at all times so he lives at our heels. A leash is easy breezy for him. The more connected to his humans, the better!
He would love to live with someone who can spoil him with love, kisses and cuddling often.Oakley would be great living in an apartment or house because is potty trained, has a strong bladder, and doesnt need a lot of exercise. He is intelligent and is learning commands quickly. He learned sit, off, wait, potty, and place within a week.
Oakley is a ball of love and joy. He has the cutest little crooked ears and always wants to please his owner. He responds well to gentle commands and praise. Oakley is a wonderful dog for anyone ready to have full-time love and kisses.
Oakley is only an option for a home that has owned a dog in the last 5 years. If there are children they should be over the age of 7 and on the quieter side.

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