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In shelter Dog

Wilmington, DE, 19810
Pet name:
Belgian Shepherd / Malinois
Coat length:
Bruno is 3.5 years old (as of 8/10/2022), a Belgian Shepherd, Basenji and Formosan Mountain Dog Mix from the country of Taiwan.  He weighs 45.5 pounds and is fully-grown.  Bruno is currently living with our foster family in North Wilmington in Delaware.  

Bruno’s rescued story:

One day Bruno’s rescuer got a call from her friend who was running a breakfast shop in Central Taiwan, she said that a 4-5-month-old puppy was dumped on a busy street nearby her shop two weeks ago.  Because the local residents did not like stray dogs, she had secretly fed the puppy.  One night the puppy was hit by a car and had disappeared since then.  Hours before she contacted the rescuer, the puppy had showed up in front of her shop but one of his hind legs was already broken. 

The rescuer immediately rushed to rescued, and it was not hard for her to find the puppy that was hiding in bushes near the shop.  The puppy was friendly even with a severe injury, so the rescuer was able to allure him with some dog food and rescue him; he was named Bruno.  

Bruno’s completed medical information:

Bruno was brought to the vet hospital directly for a through medical exam.  Unfortunately, it was taken too long to get rescued and the leg could not be saved; it had to be amputated.  Luckily, Bruno did not have any other injuries nor disease; he was healthy. 

Bruno is negative on the following disease and infections: Distemper, SNAP 4Dx (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum), CBC, Biochemistry blood work, and PCR tests for diseases and infections transmitted by fleas or ticks.  He has also received an x-ray on his hips and joints; he does not have hip dysplasia.  He also had teeth cleaned in May 2021.

Bruno is neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated with both rabies and distemper up to March 2025.  He is micro chipped, heartworm negative and on monthly preventative treatment.  All Brunos medical documents including his X-rays films on the hips will be given to his adopter when he is adopted.

Bruno’s temperaments and personality:

Bruno does not need special cares; he only needs to be kept in a low weight and avoid climbing many or steep stairs up and down every day from putting too much stress on his other three legs.  

Missing one leg does not stop Bruno from playing with other dogs.  He likes to run and wrestle with the dogs he feels comfortable; he often joins a group to chase another dog while playing.  Bruno’s current foster family in Delaware has many different sizes of dogs from 6-80 pounds, Bruno gets along with all.  He is also good with cats; he had lived with two cats for two years at his foster family in Taiwan. 

While Bruno was struggling in the mean streets of Taiwan, he encountered were not all kind to him; he seems to be more timid toward males since most of animal abusers are men.  In his current foster home in Delaware, Bruno is still hiding from his foster dad, but he lets him feed him and pet him. 

Bruno is shy around strangers but warms up much faster with females; he would need 3-4 days to completely relax in a new environment, but he only took one day to warm up at his current foster home in Delaware.  We found that dogs could help Bruno relax faster in a new setting, so he needs another dog’s company in his new home. 

Although Bruno is not passionate to strangers or people whom he does not really know, once you win his heart, you will find that he is very affectionate, loving, and goofy.  He is a loyal and people-oriented dog; he likes to stay by his people side rather than play with other dogs.  

Bruno always patiently waits for his treats or food.  He does not bark to get attention but likes to use his paws to communicate.  Sometimes when the foster mom snuggled with other dogs or kneeled to give small dogs treats, Bruno would paw at foster mom’s back to remind her that he was sitting nicely behind her.  If the foster mom ignored him, he would continue pawing until foster mom gave him a kiss.  

Bruno gets along with older children.  He had lived with two 12 and 13-year-old teenagers for two years at his Taiwan foster home; he specially had a great bond with their 12-year-old daughter.  We don’t know if Bruno could live with very young kids, but he was calm in front of little children while we were out in the park.  He should be fine with the moderately active family with quieter children older than 5 years old, but the hyper, noisy, or boisterous children probably would make Bruno nervous.  

Bruno LOVES chewing dental bones.  He sometimes would sneakily carry a toy to the yard or carry a stick into the house when he thought that the foster mom did not pay attention.  Fortunately, Bruno does not chew furniture at all. 

Bruno loves food and all kinds of fruits; he is not food aggression or possession towards people.  He does not have separation anxiety, and he is fine to stay at home with other dogs.  He is not scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, or other noises.  He does not bark often but would bark to alert when he sees strangers walking by the house.  He is submissive; he listens and would stop barking when he was called.

Bruno is house broken.  He likes to go potty on grass and usually does it fast once being out but he needs someone to stay with him; otherwise, he would want to go inside the house to stay with people without using the bathroom. 

Bruno walks nicely on leash and loves car rides; he is very well-behaved in the car.  But since he is missing a hind leg, he needs to be carried in and out of the car; he is unable to do those by himself. Although he is shy in the public, he really likes to go out; he cannot wait to walk to the car whenever his foster mom puts a harness on him.    

We hope that Bruno’s new parents could include him into your outings, short trips, or vacations besides daily walks in the neighborhood, or playing in the back yard.  We wish Bruno could have chance to experience different parts of his life that he had missed before.

How to meet Bruno?

If you are seriously thinking of giving Bruno a loving permanent home, please email us for an application form.  Because all our rescues live with our foster family, we do not accept stop-by visits if you are interested in meeting our dogs.  Before meeting Bruno, the prospective adopter needs to complete the application and gets approved.

More videos of Bruno are as below:

1.\tAbandoned puppy Bruno with a broken leg being rescued
2.\tBruno in the hospital after amputation
3.\tBruno’s first time at the beach
4.\tBruno met strangers
5.\tBruno hiking with his foster family in Taiwan
6.\tBruno loves his cat roommate
7.\tBruno pawing the lady he first met: “Could I have some garlic bread too?”
8.\tBruno playing with a rescue puppy
9.\tBruno staying by foster mom’s side while being out
10.\tNaughty Bruno trying to scare Bella!
11.   Bruno initiating play with blind and deaf senior Yorkie Bailey
12.\tBruno trying to sneakily carry a stick into the house
13.\tBruno stealing Lily’s rock
14.\tBruno wants to be petted while a toddler around (at the Washington Crossing Park PA)
15.\tBruno crossing the road at the Washing Crossing Park PA (Feb 6, 2022)
16.\tBruno was calm while encountering a flock of Canada geese at the Washington Crossing Park PA (Feb 6, 2022)


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