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In shelter Dog

Etobicoke, ON, M9W 3L8
Pet name:
Bichon Frise
Teddy is a sweet 8 year-old Bichon Frise with a heart full of love that he wants to share with the world. He gets along with his foster moms dogs and cats being respectful of their space and their food bowls. While Teddy was uncomfortable with the small child in his original home he is happy to cuddle and play with older respectful children. He wants to kiss everyone who comes into the house, cuddle on the couch with them and kiss some more. Foster mom uses lap cuddles to gently brush and comb Teddy as this breed of dog needs frequent grooming.

Teddy loves to play fetch but doesnt like to give the toy back. So we take a second toy and throw it and Teddy drops the first one to chase the second. He also enjoys some gentle tug games with a stuffed toy or rope. Walks are exciting and Teddy wants to sniff everywhere but will quickly swing back to the sidewalk when directed. He is interested in any dogs he sees but doesnt bark and while he watches the squirrels and rabbits as we go he doesnt try to chase them. Teddy loves being out in the yard exploring all the latest smells and checking frequently to be sure his mom is still safe and in view.

Teddy had a long first trip coming into fostering and does not seem to enjoy the car. He wants to be up front with you and will whimper in the back seat. However back seats are safer and Teddy is learning that car rides are not so bad. Mom really cant drive with Teddy in her lap.

Teddy struggles with some separation anxiety. When he first came into fostering he followed his foster mom everywhere staying right by her feet. Over time he has learned that its ok for her to go into another room or upstairs without his supervision, as long as she doesnt go for too long. She can go outside without him for a few moments but any longer he gets upset and will bark until she comes back. We are working to increase his confidence and with time Teddy will be able to manage longer separations.

Teddy is housetrained and sleeps on his foster moms bed where he can be sure to give her wake-up kisses. However, when very excited or when he gets stressed Teddy can sometimes have small accidents so, for now, a belly band is recommended when you leave the house.


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