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In shelter Dog

Mount Laurel, NJ, 08054
Pet name:
Bichon Frise
White / Cream
Ranger is a 5 yr. old, neutered male bichon. He weighs about 15 lbs. (ish). He was turned over to the rescue by his family due to  the inappropriate behavior of their teenage son toward Ranger. For as long as the adults in the household could remember, their  son teased and tormented Ranger whenever he had the opportunity. If he realized that something he did bothered Ranger, he would do  it repeatedly, over & over again, relentlessly, to the point where Ranger would become completely overcome by fear or engage in other behaviors that showed extreme agitation. The son found this very entertaining, and nothing mom or dad did could stop him. Finally, they determined that it would be best for Rangers sake, to turn him over to rescue. Sadly for Ranger, it was not soon enough to prevent him from developing some behaviors that now need to be dealt with by the rescue, and ultimately, by whatever family chooses to adopt him. Ranger is VERY fearful of people he does not know. The fear presents as aggression. If he is pushed to  his limit, he will nip or bite. Therefore, people coming into the house need to be warned to leave Ranger alone and just let him be. In some instances, when people are visiting, it would be best to put Ranger in a separate room until they leave to keep everyone, including Ranger, safe. Ranger needs to approach strangers when HE is ready. Not when THEY want him to. Many "dog people" have insisted that it will  be different with them, and Ranger will be their instant friend. That has never been the case. He needs to come to accept strangers on his own time. This is Rangers primary issue. He also does not like cats at all. He has lived with other dogs his whole life, but he has an alpha personality, so would need to live with a dog who is willing to take the more passive role. Being an only dog is also a good option for Ranger. What Ranger needs most is a VERY patient, loving and understanding family with LOTS of dog experience. First time dog owners are out of the question for Ranger. A fenced yard would be a huge plus since Ranger is fearful of strangers, because he will be wary of everything happening on a leash-walk and will be unlikely to focus on what hes supposed to focus on. An adult home is essential because although we think Ranger might be fine with well behaved, respectful kids, we wouldnt want to take any chances. Most importantly, a quiet household that doesnt include a revolving door of visitors, would be best. We fully realize that Rangers profile may sound a bit intimidating to many people. If you are reading this and realize you are NOT the right family for Ranger, thats good. Better to realize that now rather than to adopt Ranger and come to that realization later. Rangers next home needs to be his last home. However, if you are an experienced dog person, a good problem-solver, have a similar situation to what we have described above, and find Rangers story to be a heart-wrenching one that tugs at YOUR heartstrings, then consider whether  you might want to fill out an application on our website: . Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you via email to discuss the next step. The baggage Ranger carries with him now is NOT his doing. It is the doing of inhumane, ignorant, heartless and abusive human  behavior. WE believe Ranger deserves the opportunity to turn his life around, but we need to find the right family who can help him do that. If you think you might be that family, please reach out. It would be so tragic if  Rangers story ended here.