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Jeter *FH*   

In shelter Dog

Sanford, FL, 32771
Pet name:
Jeter *FH*
Black Mouth Cur
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.When you come to Pet Rescue by Judy, there I will be, looking out of the office window anxiously waiting for you to notice me. You see, I have made myself the official, "welcome wagon" fur baby for Pet Rescue by Judy! There is nothing I like better than human cuddles. I am the most loving, and cuddliest dog ever!
About me.not to brag, but.... humans have told me I have beautiful coloring and a cute and precious face. And my huge, liquid brown eyes are just made for begging for attention. And boy, do I love to play, especially with my red squeaky ball. ...It is one of my prized possessions, but I will gladly share it with you so we can play together. Even though I am an adult, I still have lots of energy and so many years to love you lots and lots.
You almost always see me with a smile and a waggy tail because I am such a sweet boy. All of the loving people who take care of me call me a goofball because of my happy-go-lucky behavior and playfulness.
When Judy rescued me, I had some lumps and bumps, and Judy has made sure to have each one looked at by the doctor. Judy was excited that all skin tests have been benign. Im not sure what benign means but they tell me it is a good thing!!!! Just like with people, I could possibly get another lump from sun exposure, which could be dangerous, so my new pet parent(s) will have to keep my time in the sun short...and also if I ever get another lump, please have it looked at by the doctor.
You know what I cant figure out? Why hasnt someone wanted me? I have waited a long time for my forever home. I try so very hard every time someone comes near me to show what a good and loving boy I am and what a fantastic furry addition I would be to their home. I have so much love to share and no one to share it with. Please come and meet me. You can also foster me. I just know you will adore me. Please give me a chance to show how much I will love you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
About Jeter:
Jeter is just an all around great dog who is filled with love and devotion for humans. He will tend to ignore other barking dogs in favor of grabbing some cuddles from the humans around him.
At a little over 6 years old, he still has many years of wonderful doggie companionship to offer a family. This boy plays like a younger dog and has so much personality. He is always happy, bringing smiles to those around him.
As Jeter noted, he will need a covering like a t-shirt, to protect him when the sun is out, but then he is fine after dark. All biopsies that have been completed on him have been benign. This is much like people as we go to the dermatologist and have a spot biopsied and it comes back benign. He will just need ongoing monitoring.
Jeter came to us heartworm positive, but he has been treated and is now heartworm negative. Yay!


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