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My Dude (TX)   

In shelter Dog

Terrell, TX, 75160
Pet name:
My Dude (TX)
Black and Tan Coonhound
My Dude is a 1 year old Black and Tan Coonhound that was purchased from a breeder then, months later, dropped off at a shelter by the owners. When he arrived at his Dallas area foster home, he was very thin and depressed. But look at him now; hes gorgeous and his puppy personality is on full display! Dude loves to "walk himself" when first leashed by grabbing the end of the leash and prancing off. Once hes over his games, he walks very well on a lead. He knows a few commands like sit and down, but hes still a puppy so down doesnt always mean "stay down". Dude rides well in a car but loves to visit the driver in the front seat so a restraint is suggested. Dude is working on house and kennel training. He isnt bothered by the cows or horses on the property and likes to give the cows a kiss. He gets along with all other foster dogs - but hes a puppy so can be annoying to some of the older hounds. Dude has met cats at the vets, but the cats normally disappear once he tries to play with them. In good weight at 55 lbs, Dude loves people and has to say hello to everyone. He does settle down in his home environment but is very excited when hes out in public. He will need continued training on his manners and a home with small children would not be best for him since hes so active.


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