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In shelter Dog

Floral Park, NY, 11001
Pet name:
Border Collie
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Ryder is a 4 .5 year old Border Collie Mix that is the sweetest and mellow boy. He enjoys long walks and is happy to hang out by your side.  Ryder is good with kids 12 and up for his size and likes all small or  medium dogs  with a calm personality around the same age or older only. He seems to be scared by dogs 50 pounds or larger, . Ryder is doing great!  he happy to lay around with his toys.  He is housebroken, knows sit, down and paw. He really listens when you tell him and he is a great walking partner (he will walk slow or run if you are running).  Ryder is currently being fostered with an 8 year old bossy poodle and a 7 year old active female Rottie mix.  He especially likes small dogs.

26 years or older.
Fenced in yard or home with a good trail.
No cats. Small dogs and Medium dogs  3 or older with a easy going personality.
We will only consider NY or NJ area within 30 miles of NYC There will also be a period of adjustment for him so we prefer an adopter close to us.

Step 1,  Email us and tell us your experience with dogs and where u live. 2) If we need more info, we will send u an application 3) DO NOT CALL US 4) DO NOT EMAIL US at our website.  We get hundreds of people interested in adopting our dogs and can not possibly get back to everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Please note we are volunteers and work with patients and can not take calls. Again email us only at the supplied email or via petfinder. Thank you.


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