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Pippin Shark / Jack   

In shelter Dog

Greenville, SC, 29609
Pet name:
Pippin Shark / Jack
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Pip is in a foster home . He is a wonderful boy thats eager to please. 

He is vey gentle & loves everything, including other dogs & hes very interested but not aggressive towards cats - of course proper introduction needs to happen. The fosters cat just wants nothing to do with him. Hes also really good around babies & gives off a protection vibe, so sweet.

He has good listening and communication skills, will let you know when he needs to go outside & he hasnt had a single accident inside. In just a few short weeks in foster, Pip learned how to sit, stay, go to bed, lay down, what no means & were working on paw. He walks on a leash pretty well & is always excited to explore a new place. He has been completely relaxed in a fenced in backyard, has not dug or tried to leave, just finds a place to stretch out in the sun and nap in the shade. Pip is pretty quiet except a slight piggish grunt when he is excited. He loves any kind of affection, especially a good belly rub.

Pippin Shark is in a foster home so if youre interested in adopting, please copy and paste this link and fill out the application! LINK:


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