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Renegade (TX adopt only)   

In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77065
Pet name:
Renegade (TX adopt only)
White / Cream
Coat length:
* Can be adopted to the Houston TX area only * 

Renegade was found as a stray & rescued in the spring of 2022. He was low heartworm positive, had some growths removed from his mouth, had his eyelashes cauterized because they were growing into his eyelid and a growth removed from his back. Renegade is well on his way to be a healthy pup again. He will be retested soon to make sure his HW treatment worked. Due to his current status, he is only available for adoption in TX only.  

Renegade is good with other dogs, however he does need someone to properly monitor/introduce them. He loves to play with other dogs and play fetch. Renegade has not been tested with any other animals. He does try to be dominant with new dogs (as in jumping onto their backs and holding them there) however he listens to corrections. He does not like when another dog pushes him around in a bossy way. Renegade is not necessarily a dominant dog but he does need guided introductions and to have playtime monitored until everyone is comfortable.  

If a new dog comes around and Renegade is in a kennel, he can feel a little insecure and growl. Once the barrier is gone he is fine. He can also be corrected verbally and it will stop. 

Renegade is fully potty trained. His foster does have a doggie door but he will ask to have the door opened  to go outside instead of using it.  

He is kenneled at night and loves his kennel area - its like his own doggy hotel. He enjoys laying in it even when we are home, and currently eats his meals inside it. 

This is what his foster mom had to say, “Renegade is smart and will continue to learn with consistency and is very motivated by treats/food. Loves dog treats and whip cream. He will jump up to counters and attempt to be a covert trash-panda. He knows he isnt supposed to and will listen right away when you tell him Off. 

He is a boxer and they are young + excitable until theyre around 9-10 years old. He is a decently active boy who loves walks, playing fetch, running around the backyard, sunbathing, and enjoying company. He doesnt know his own size so he can knock smaller dogs or smaller kids out of the way, but has gotten much better about this. He enjoys kids, small and larger dogs, young babies, and has not been around cats. 

Renegade is quiet, I have never heard him bark. The most he has ever done is whine because he is hungry or needs to go potty. “

Renegade is currently in a loving foster home  in TX and is currently available for TX adoption only. 

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