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In shelter Dog

Papillion, NE, 68046
Pet name:
Hi! My name is Murphy, my foster dad calls me Murphy Brown, some people say my name

should be Tiger because of my beautiful coat and some other people have been calling me

Good Boy!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself as there is not much known before I was rescued by

Town and Country, other that I used to break out of my kennel, lived in an apartment and broke

out of the kennel on my way to the rescue. I cant remember if it was from excitement or

anxiety. Anyways, Ive been with the rescue for almost 2 years and I had a rough start. Not

many people could interact with me because I didnt know how to properly communicate with

humans and I was too rough with them, I had no leash manners and didnt know how to play.

Ive been living with my foster parents for several months while they teach me how to interact

with the world. Ive learned so much! I know sit, down, and I am working on my stay and recall. I walk nicely on leash and long line, I can now play fetch with humans and Ive even gone shopping with my foster mom.

Oh! Did I say Im kennel trained now and I completely love it? Its my safe space. Im also

muzzled trained and have been learning how to play with other dogs while wearing my muzzle.

 My foster mom and I have talked a lot about me finding a forever home, I know its really hard

for her because she loves me very much. Im her first foster pup and she wants to continue

helping other pups like me so I know I need to move out to leave an open spot for the next


What Im looking for is a quiet but fun home. I need a strong leader that will be consistent with

my training and gives me plenty of love but also teaches me about rules and boundaries. I need

healthy ways to channel my energy with things like hiking, playing in water and fetch with my

human. I love to chase cats, its so much fun! I will need a home without those little creatures

though. I havent been around kids and Im not sure how I would feel about them. I dont think I

would intentionally hurt a human but Im afraid I might be a little rough for them. 

If you are my person - Im waiting for you! My foster mom will guide you and continue training

with you to show me how to behave. She is also willing to donate 10 nights of boarding each

year (I know its her excuse to stay in touch with me)

The adoption fee is $350 and covers age appropriate vaccines, a microchip, a neuter and a home training session. 

 Applications are typically worked in time stamp order based on date/time of submission. If you have other dogs in your home, they must all meet the potential adoptee. It may save you a trip to bring them with you when you visit, if you are certain you want to adopt a new family member. 

*****We are currently operating by appointment only during the social distancing stage of quarantine. If you want to meet this pet, or are interested in adopting, please submit an inquiry or email to

Someone from the rescue will contact you and/or your family and determine, on a broad level, whether you might be a fit for the animal. If so, they will provide instructions for completing the application. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted to set up a time to meet at the shelter or the foster home. The introduction between you and the pet will be supervised by one of the dog counselors or the foster. If all goes well, you can adopt during the same visit.

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