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In shelter Dog

Shelbyville, IN, 46176
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
8/31/2022 - Hi Shelter friends, in case you have forgotten about me, Im Simba.  Im chillin in the office with my friends doing things like tug-of-war, having my butt scratched and doin my best froggy.  Because Im a former Vet Tech Institute dog, I am fully vetted.  I was relinquished by my owner almost three months ago and looking for a home, probably without other pets since I was the only pet.  I am housebroken, only a year old, my birthday was August 7th, which makes me a Leo.   Leos are natural leaders of the zodiac, I feel like Im the leader of the pack here at the shelter.  Leos are also joyful, proud and confident.  We love and live life to the fullest.  If you adopt me, I promise to share my joyful personality with you.  You also get a goody bag when adopting (compliments of Frances, Romeo and Juliet).  Sometimes my kennel presentation skills are just sub-par, but outside of the kennel, Im ready to go.  Questions about me or my friends?  Email Chris at or call the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter at 317-392-5127.  Thank you for sharing and helping me find someone who will commit to me, because I will commit to them.  God bless you, Simba

 was relinquished to our animal shelter two months ago.\xa0 He just celebrated his one year birthday on Sunday, so he has some maturing to do.\xa0 The owner stated she just couldnt take care of him any more and the dog came to us very timid, unsure of his surroundings (and us) and stressed.\xa0 We let him chill for a while and spoiled him with tasty treats and tons of toys.\xa0 One day the boss got a leash on him and that was the turning point.\xa0 Simba, although skittish\xa0around loud sounds and sudden\xa0movements, allowed us all to love on him in the office and gave us love right back.\xa0 Because he had never been vetted, he went to Vet Tech Institute where he was neutered, microchipped through AVID, tested negative for heartworm, received all his vaccinations (including rabies), wormed and given Advantix.\xa0 Simba was stressed at their facility and he definitely doesnt like to be restrained.\xa0 I think he had a rough start to his life.\xa0 The Boxer/Bully mix weighs almost 50 pounds, is housebroken and good with children (according to the former owner).\xa0 Since he was the only pet in the home, a meet and greet would be helpful prior to adoption.\xa0 Simba has come a long way but is still a nervous dog who needs an experienced and patient owner who can invest their time and energy in boosting his confidence.\xa0 We feel he needs to live with older children who will respect his personal space.\xa0 Simba knows his name, the commands for sit and shake and his fee has been waived with an approved application.\xa0 Come and meet our handsome dog weekdays from 10:30 to 4:30.\xa0 Questions?\xa0 Call us at 317-392-5127 or email\xa0 Dont forget Doggie Day at the Pool is Sunday, August 14th from 4-6:00 p.m at the Meridian Aquatic Center in Shelbyville Indiana.\xa0 All proceeds come to the shelter.\xa0 Dogs $7 each while humans are free.\xa0 We hope to see you there.\xa0 Thank you for sharing and God bless you, chris


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