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In shelter Dog

Torrington, CT, 06790
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Coat length:
Name: Moose
Nicknames: Stinky. Blockhead.
Breed: Boxer
Age: ~10.5 Years
Weight: ~60 lbs.
History: Adopted about 8.5 years ago and his family is expecting their first baby shortly. As he has not been good with kiddos in the past, his family is looking for a new home for him.
Energy level: Lower. Loves to nap, but is up for short play sessions too.
Affection level: Higher. Seeks out pets from his people and doles out kisses too!
Stuck in his ways: If he really wants your attention, he will make a wookie-howl noise. If his water bowl is empty, youll get a soft, low bark. Hell also remind you if his nightly turndown service doesnt include a dental stick. You will always be serenaded with his snoring.
What he loves most: Sunbathing. Car rides. Human touch. Carrots. Peanut Butter. Whipped Cream. Flat footballs. Kongs. The vet, surprisingly!, there are happy nub wags every which direction.
What he knows: Sit. Down. Lay Down. Stay. Come.
Kids: Not for this old man!
Dogs: Females only, please. He lived with a female dog for many years and did well.
Cats: Hard pass.
Housetrained: Sure is!
Crate trained: Yep!
The important things: Loud noises and new situations make him anxious. He also does not show his best behaviors on leash towards new people or other dogs.
Ideal retirement home: A kid-free, quieter home with either no other animals, or potentially a female dog. He would love to live the homebody life. Car rides out for Starbucks/Dunkin runs, taking in the fresh air, going to grab takeout, and promptly returning home to a nice night in. 
Moose is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Hes available for adoption to residents of Connecticut and surrounding states. If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application from


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