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Toby GuyeS 1018   

In shelter Dog

West Bloomfield, MI, 48325
Pet name:
Toby GuyeS 1018
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Toby~born~October 21, 2018
Hi my name is Toby!!
I am a Male Boxer Mix and Im looking for a new home!
Secret: My DNA Test showed I was Boxer, Pit, Rottweiler, and Chihuahua(:
I was with my owner for as long as I can remember (5 weeks old) but she had some life changes happening and luckily found a friend in this PAAW Rescue who could take me in while I search for my forever family.
Theyve been really nice to me and talk to me all the time how I like it.
At first I was really upset but my Caretaker took me on a lot of walks and even gave me Chickie Nuggies to cheer up. So I ended up getting real comfy in her lap to feel better. But sometimes when I get sad or upset with her I need my space so I find a Corner or hide in my Sad Room (Laundry Room) until she comes to find me then we can be friends again. I dont like to be alone really so I appreciate when she comes to find me and spends some extra time with me. Shes also been great and NEVER yells at me. I really dont like raised voices to the point I hide and shake. I can be a nervous nelly at times but as long as you talk me through things and are patient I will try! I recently just had one of my easiest baths because my friend took it slow and sang to me. Still wasnt fun but I only got nervous at the end a little when towel drying. We took some breaks but got me dry in the end.
I like to go on walks literally ALL the time. I dont tire easily so I think I need someone who can walk me a lot. I really just love to be outside but I like the company. I even jump up trees when you tap on the tree and tell me to get the Squirrels! Oh Man I can jump pretty high too.
While in the house I love my toys! Warning I will make sure to get all the stuffing out of any stuffed toy. Its always blocking those squeakers. I also really like those hard chew toys! Bonus if you put some peanut butter on them!! But please watch me because I sometimes break pieces off and I dont wanna accidentally eat plastic.
Once its bedtime I like to curl up in YOUR blanket and sleep with you, I just need at least a little touching to be comfortable enough to sleep. Once morning comes I will wait for you to fully wakeup so we can go for a nice fresh walk to start our day! Theres no better way to start and end your day than with a walk. Then any Bonus walks are great too.
Ive lived with other dogs before, I got along with the females but the Males didnt like me and hurt me so I dont know if all boy dogs are like that. I lived near cats before but dont know what its like to be free with them. Ive also lived with kids but the extra small ones dont know how to be gentle with me so Id really prefer if they were like 8+ years old. That way I also cant easily knock them over when playing. I dont want to hurt anyone. So I am currently living with one person and no animals but Im not opposed to new living situations!(:
I am fully housebroken but they say I need a little more training with my energy and introductions to people. They spook me so I bark and then I spook them but then 10 minutes later theyre my friends, so its not hoorrriibblleee but I guess it could be better so were trying.
I need a home with absolutely no yelling!  So if youre willing to give me some time/patience and an extra ton of love then maybe we can meet and see how things could be.
The adoption fee includes age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm test, spay/neuter and microchip!
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