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In shelter Dog

Woodinville, WA, 98072
Pet name:
3 yo Male
Large Dog friendly with slow intros
No small dogs
No Cats
Children over 8
Fostered in Spokane, WA

Hello, Stevie here. I would love to introduce myself to you. Im a 2 years old male who wanted an adventure in my young life so I decided to pack up and move from Southern California to the great PNW. Let me say this first hand, trust me, my life has really blossomed.

My fosters love me. They say Im the most lovable, smartest, cutest foster they have fostered. I live in Spokane right now. But I know how to pack my bags for one last time to be your everlasting man. You will not be unhappy!

Steve needs a strong leader, so he will feel secure. But I believe he would also love a home with school age children. We have observed when our grands are here he leaves moms side and is immediately with the children. Under their feet at the dinner table, next to them wherever they are. Appears to want to go with them when they leave.

Steve is wonderful in the house. Calm unless doorbell rings. Likes to sleep in the sun or in front of the fireplace. Seems to follow lead of fur brother in regards to getting excited about park or dinner.

Loves to play tug of war with you and a rope toy. Loves to wrestle with fur brother. They do it for about a half hour after breakfast, then older fur brother says enough.

Loves to cuddle with mom in the evening on the couch. Steve will do all most anything for a treat. He is smart and highly food oriented.

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